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                        WordPress Wedding Theme Free: Toujours & Blissful

                        There is a new trend for couples and newly-weds to publish their stories online, for the sake of memory keeping. However, sometimes resources for online domain can be quite limited. That is when WordPress Wedding Theme free comes in handy. Today we will introduce two free templates provided by WordPress themselves: Toujours and Blissful. Read on, feel free to surf the live demos and decide the best one to suit your need.


                        Toujours is the perfect platform for couples to share their stories. If you are going to marry or are a newly wed, using this WordPress Wedding theme free will help spread your lovely stories to the world and make more people fall in love with you.

                        Toujours  has a simple, elegant design that’s perfect for planning and sharing moments from your wedding. The theme highlights your content with a slideshow, large featured images, and a unique layout for recent posts. It also includes a special Guestbook template to collect comments from your well-wishers.

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                        You can enhance your wedding website by adding a Contact Form for guests to RSVP, or a Google Map to the venue. You can even password protect pages and posts that are for your guests’ eyes only.

                        Here are some outstanding features of this WordPress Wedding theme free Toujours:

                        Featured Content Slideshow


                        Specific posts can be added to the Featured Content Slideshow at the top of the blog page. To do this, first go to Customizer → Featured Content and enter a tag to use — for example, featured. Next, add that tag to the posts you’d like to highlight, and they will automatically appear in the slideshow with their Featured Images.

                        Recent Posts


                        In Toujours, you can highlight the three most recent posts in a special area above the main stream of posts on your blog page. They will be displayed with a featured image (if available) and an excerpt.



                        In Toujours, your site’s tagline is displayed above your posts on the blog page. If the Featured Content slideshow is enabled, the tagline will appear below it.

                        Post Formats


                        Toujours supports a number of different Post Formats, and includes unique styles to help them stand out.

                        WordPress Wedding Theme Free



                        Share your wedding day or your wedding portfolio with grace and style. The Blissful Blog is a beautifully designed wedding photography template for couples, photographers, and industry professionals.

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                        This WordPress Wedding Theme free is highly suitable for any organizations in the wedding industry. Whether you are a wedding dress store, a wedding event organizer or a wedding bakery, you will find Blissful easy to showcase your products and share making-of stories.

                        Full-Width Featured Content Slider


                        Focus on your favorites with the graciously sized, full-width Featured Content Slider. To setup, add a featured post tag in Appearance → Customize → Featured Content, set a featured image on your favorite posts and tag them with the featured tag you chose.

                        Full-Width Page Template


                        Take advantage of the full-width of your pages, without a sidebar, by selecting the “Full Width” template under Page Attributes.



                        Blissful Blog offers a sidebar template on single page, archive, and search views, and three footer widget areas on any page. You can assign widgets to each of these areas by going to Appearance -> Widgets.

                        Custom Header


                        Blissful Blog provides the ability to upload a Custom Header Image above (or in place of) your site’s title and description. The Custom Header can be set in Appearance -> Header.

                        Custom Menu


                        If you’d like to customize the centered navigation in your header, setup a custom menu by going to Appearance -> Menus.

                        More WordPress Wedding theme free to come!


                        Let us together build an informative and helpful community of WordPress themes by recommend us any other themes suitable for this list. Your recommendations are very much welcome!