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                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog

                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog

                        WordPress template allows video bloggers to build a highly personalized website without learning a single line of code. In this post we have hand-picked some of the best video templates for blogger, following with our evaluation of their pros and cons.

                        Video blog (or also shortened as vlog) is one of the hottest trends on the Internet over the last decade. And with YouTube, video bloggers have got a powerful channel to reach their advocates. 

                        However, for the increasing need of personal branding, YouTube failed to offer a unique style to each video blog channel. If you think the interface of your YouTube channel is too generic for your brand, where all other colleagues have the same “What to watch next” section, it’s time for you to create a webpage showcasing your personality. Here we present Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog.

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                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 01

                        DOWNLOAD FILMMAKER THEME      View demo

                        Filmmaker is a WordPress theme built specifically for video blog, film studio, TVC production company, movie production company, and cinematography centre. Filmmaker is also suitable for individual video-related projects such as video blog and videographer website. With clean, elegant and modern design, this WordPress site will attract followers for your movie blog, engage them in your cinematic universe, or simply boost the marketing and branding of your upcoming movies.

                        Full review of FilmMaker can be seen here.

                        Filmmaker also features smooth animation to dazzle your audience:


                        Visual Composer plugin in our Filmmaker WordPress theme will help you build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Filmmaker is compatible with WPML plugin, so you can have a multi language site when using this theme.


                        • Elegant and clean design. Large photo and video display.
                        • Text-focused details (history, story, testimonials) are beautifully built.
                        • Strong blog feature.
                        • A variety of layouts for different purposes.
                        • Smooth animations that keep audience scrolling.

                        Best for: film studio showcasing a variety of videos, photo gallery and history stories.

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                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 02

                        DOWNLOAD TRUEMAG THEME      View demo

                        With over 15 updates to the present 4.0 version, TrueMag is one of the bestselling video blogger template on Themeforest. 10 Homepage demos, from Big Video Slider to Very Big Video Slider, are sure to satisfy all your size desires (pun!).


                        • Exclusive plugin allows you to play and advertising video before the main video.
                        • Easily embed video from popular video sharing sites.
                        • Auto fetch titles and description for video.
                        • Create video channels and self-hosted videos.
                        • Video view count and rating.


                        • So many good features can easily blow your mind away.

                        Best for: Prolific video bloggers want to showcase lots of videos at the same time

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                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 03

                        DOWNLOAD DINAMIX THEME      View demo

                        Impressive theme with amazing features. This theme is a WordPress theme for video blog. Among many features we would like to highlight few like BBPress plugin integration, WP e-Commerce plugin integration, BuddyPress Theme, Non-Post Galler Slide Manager manage your Images/Videos in one area.


                        • Customization ability. You can edit with unlimited skin colors, images and even bring more galleries into one page.
                        • You can social bookmark any post, with icons reacting to custom link colors.


                        • One minor display flaw (texts get over images) when viewed on small screen size. But don’t worry this will get fixed soon.

                        Best for: bloggers showcasing multimedia products (photos, videos or any other products)

                        Right Now

                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 04

                        DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW THEME      View demo

                        Check the demo and move your mouse over every corners. Let yourself be enchanted with the movement of every single element of this video blog template. Stunning!


                        • Interactivity: videos play in background while surfing, audio from a playlist, and a theme color picker for all the entertainment you need.


                        • Large background videos sometimes get distracting and slow the web connection.

                        Best for: full screen videos are best for action clips; video bloggers reviewing visual effects or VFX studios may also love this theme.


                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 05

                        DOWNLOAD INVICTUS THEME      View demo

                        This is another one fully optimized for videos. Quite similar to Right Now, with less animation and more features.


                        • Full screen videos and images.
                        • Flickr stream running in background.
                        • Option to pick from 250 Google API Fonts.
                        • Lots of features and addons.


                        • Autoplay videos also automatically hide menu contents. It can be quite confusing for first-time visitors.
                        • Blogging feature is not strong.

                        Best for: video bloggers want to bombard their masterpieces to the audience.


                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 06

                        DOWNLOAD VILLAGE THEME      View demo

                        Simple theme designed to showcase all your creativity with no need for extra features.


                        • Images are displayed full screen, menu only appears when you hover your mouse over. Option to choose video also.
                        • Wall option where work is displayed as gallery, each mouse movement move screen, and you need to stick to video you are playing, otherwise screen will move and it can be very distracting.

                        Best for: presenting your creative work in photography and filmography.

                        On Demand

                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 07

                           View demo

                        Clean and spacious, this video template brings a feeling of modern elegance to your website. Really nice animation as well.


                        • Lots of distinctive templates organized based on features.
                        • Simplicity of design


                        • Can’t really find any. Each template is a beauty itself.

                        Best for: video-centric blogs, whether you want to embed videos from video-service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or host your own video format (.mp4, .flv, Quicktime, etc.)


                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 08

                        DOWNLOAD AWARE THEME

                        The appearance of text and images is well-refined in this theme. Ease-in animations are pleasing to the eyes.


                        • Clean and simple design.
                        • Responsive design.
                        • Blog feature is simple but compelling.


                        • Only one home template.

                        Best for: video bloggers in need of a simple solution, freelancers, small business, photographers, videographers and other graphic artists as well.


                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 09

                        DOWNLOAD GRIDLOCKED THEME      View demo

                        Minimalistic and clean, this WordPress themes for video blog resembles very much to the interface of Tumblr, which brings a sense of youthfulness and modernity.


                        • Neat and clean, and full of grids as mentioned in the name.
                        • Simple blog interface similar to famous social media brings ease of use for audience.


                        • Previews of images and videos lack description in the full screen preview.

                        Best for: video bloggers with lots of videos at the same time. Film studio and ad agency can take advantage of this theme to showcase portfolio also.


                        Top 10 WordPress themes for video blog 10

                        DOWNLOAD GIGAWATT THEME     View demo

                        Retro. Vintage. All those feels! If you are a video blogger with a keen eye for retro design, this is what you will love.


                        • Retro design
                        • Good display for videos from 3rd party video hosting sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc.)


                        • The theme could be more appealing with images and creative layouts for preview.
                        • Title fonts.

                        Best for: Portfolio page, video/picture showcase.

                        That is all for now. We will keep updating with new and beautiful themes. Comment or share with us video template for blogger that you think should be included in the list.

                        Now go preview all those demos of top 10 WordPress themes for video bloggers and buy one for yourself.

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