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                        WordPress Theme for Events Free: Balloons & Grid review


                        It is always useful to use website to introduce your events. However, for small events and parties, websites may be too expensive. This is when free WordPress theme comes in handy. Only need little money to buy short-term domain, install a simple free theme, and BAM! Your parties are ready to go online. Today we will help you to choose WordPress theme for Events FREE.



                        Balloons is a one-column layout with parallax-scrolling effect. It comes with a color switcher and a three-column widgetized footer. It is responsive to your visitor’s screen size (computer / tablet / mobile phone) and a stylesheet for the WP-Pagenavi plugin is included; available in English and German.

                        The focus of this theme is text and information. Really simple and easy to update, which makes it perfect for birthday party announcement, event invitation, etc. This WordPress theme events free features a simple parallax scrolling animation of balloons, bringing a gentle feeling to website.

                        View a Demo of Balloons, or download free, only 0,2 Mb!

                        Grid Theme Responsive

                        WordPress theme for events free

                        This second free WordPress theme for events is completely different. The focus of Grid is gallery. This theme suits perfectly for annually events. When you need to showcase your photos more than introducing events with information, Grid will be a better choice.

                        The interface is simple and very easy to navigate. There are some small features but absolutely necessary: categories and social media buttons.

                        View Grid demo and download the theme.

                        These two WordPress theme for events free are two most simple and easy to use themes we found in the market. However, if you want to invest more in your event website, you should consider buy a premium WordPress theme instead.

                        Why WordPress theme for events FREE sometimes fail?

                        Free is good, free is convenient. However, sometimes free themes do not suffice. Here are some features you might miss when choose to be free.

                        > Check out Necessary features you need for Event WordPress theme


                        Free themes often does not support event calendar. Sometimes when you need to be more specific about your party timeframe, calendar will come in handy.


                        It is so much fun having a countdown for your next rave! The counting numbers will bring a sense of urgency to your event. Or simply just to decorate your website.


                        An example of countdown feature from CitySoul, a WordPress theme for clubs, parties and musicians (Coming soon).

                        There are a lot more features and customization that Premium WordPress themes will allow you. However, if you only need short-term and small event announcements, Grid and Balloons are perfect.