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                        WordPress Event Theme, Best Premium & Free


                        With the ever-growing number of events everywhere in the world, the need to use WordPress Event theme to set up an event website is inevitable. Organizations hold events, individuals hold events, and there are even events for animals. Today we introduce to you a diversity of different WordPress Event themes, and promise to satisfy your every single need.

                        Eventum – Formal Conference theme


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                        Eventum aims to be the one-stop shop for creating an events website with WordPress, no matter the size of your project.

                        From creative meetups to national, multitrack corporate conferences, Eventum has been designed to support and promote your event online and in style. The overall design and appearance of this theme is big and bold and if you want your events website to make a strong first impression, and not get drowned out in the crowd, Eventum could be the theme for you.

                        To help cater for a wide range of users and events, this WordPress event theme includes five prebuilt homepage variations. Each layout has a different style and design that will appeal to different types of users and their visitors. Applying each of these variations only takes a few clicks.

                        As well as great looks, Eventum also includes all the backend features you’ll need to successfully promote and manage your event online. From presenting speakers, managing tickets, and highlighting sponsors, Eventum has it covered.

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                        CitySoul – Energetic Music Event theme


                        Truly responsive and highly adaptive to different purposes, CitySoul is a beast. The focus of CitySoul is musical events. CitySoul features a clean and elegant calendar to showcase your performances. All home and pages have a variety of different layouts to fit all your needs. The music player is connected with third-party music providers, and even self-host music.

                        WooCommerce is also integrated. However, products are not sold simply with a checklist. CitySoul brings out customers reviews and ratings for different products, which attracts visitors to interact with the webpage more.

                        Moreover, this is not only a WordPress Event theme. It is so versatile that can also adapt to different music-related topic, like musician website, talent agency and clubs. With modern design and carefully coded build, CitySoul shall be one of the highly-recommended WordPress themes for Bars, Clubs, Music Events and Artists.

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                        Balloons – Free & Fun


                        Here is one of the cutest WordPress event theme in the market. Balloons is a one-column layout with parallax-scrolling effect. It comes with a color switcher and a three-column widgetized footer. It is responsive to your visitor’s screen size (computer / tablet / mobile phone) and a stylesheet for the WP-Pagenavi plugin is included; available in English and German.

                        The focus of this theme is text and information. Really simple and easy to update, which makes it perfect for birthday party announcement, event invitation, etc. This WordPress theme events free features a simple parallax scrolling animation of balloons, bringing a gentle feeling to website.

                        View a Demo of Balloons, or download free, only 0,2 Mb!

                        Eventr – One Scroll Power


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                        This WordPress Event theme allows all content in ONE SINGLE SCROLL. Well, that is one way to say one page layout. Eventr is a WordPress events theme that has adopted the popular one page layout to great effect.

                        By using this theme to build your WordPress-powered events website, your visitors will be able to view your most important content all on your one page layout homepage. This removes the need for them to have to click around your site to find what they are looking for. This then allows you to lead your audience through a sequence of information and details that should help inform and excite them about your event.

                        As the homepage layout is flexible, it can include any content you feel your audience will appreciate. This could include a large content slideshow, a timer counting down to the event start date, speaker profiles, the event time table, venue information, sponsor details, and finally, ticketing options.

                        Eventr includes the commercial Visual Composer plugin. This means you can easily tweak any of the existing designs and layouts included in the theme package, or create your own templates yourself. Thanks to the drag and drop user interface of Visual Composer, there’s no need to write any code in order to create your custom page designs.



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                        Khore is a very attractive WordPress event theme that comes with a completely modern design and a unique layout. If you are creating a new event site on WordPress, the search for the beat design will end with Khore because the design and the features will grab your attention instantly.

                        As expected, you have all the features required in a top quality event and conference related website such as speakers, sessions, sponsors, countdown timer, Google map and so on. You also have the option to sell ticket right on your website as this theme works perfectly with Eventbrite, EventEspresso, Xing Events, etouches, Ticket tailor etc.

                        And the best part is that it offers you one-click demo installation feature which will help you to make your site look like the demo theme within a minute which you can further customize as per your requirement.


                        WordPress Event theme

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                        Eventbox is a multi purpose Event template for all types of event website. The template includes 2 trendy, clean, responsive home pages for typical needs of event company, event holder, conference, work shop, exhibition, training, education, music show, tour, club and so on.

                        Overall, Eventbox is an easy WordPress event theme, easy both for users to set up and for visitors to navigate. For more info on what makes good design for WordPress theme, visit here.



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                        Vocal is a great looking, stylish, responsive and professionally designed WordPress theme which is specially created for music events. It comes with 6 preset color options, customizable design with easy to use visual composer and number of other useful options. If your focus is more on music artist, check out top WordPress themes for music artists.

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