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                        WooCommerce – Beta 3. A Potential New WooCommerce version

                        WooCommerce - Beta 3. A Potential New WooCommerce version

                        After 3 months, the WooCommerce team has released the Beta 3 version of WooCommerce. There are some extremely cool features in this version. Let see what they are

                        First of all, this is the video to introduce Beta 3 version


                        And these are some changes versus Beta 2

                        • Refactored our add-ons screen so it can be extended by add-ons.
                        • Made some small changes to widgets API to be extended by add-ons.
                        • Added a get_id() method for products.
                        • Fixed some conflicts with PHP7.
                        • Additional hooks for order line items.
                        • Round discount totals to avoid issues with floats.
                        • Various API and CLI tweaks/improvements.
                        • Improved the usefulness of the wc_get_template_part filter.
                        • Fixed some currency code.

                        They also decided to remove the ‘dropdown’ view of shipping options in the cart. This was so they could have a hook after each shipping method to add additional options or text if an addon wanted to display something there. Dropdowns restrict this ability and would mean maintaining two completely different sets of code to cater for each.

                        The full list of commits since beta 2 here.

                        Final tests

                        What? They haven’t tested beta yet?

                        Everything is proceeding as they have foreseen, so the Release Candidate is still planned for Jan 4th–8th 2016 so long as they stay on target. Developers please test your code before then. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

                        If you want to try this version, we think you should use a development site, since there may be undiscovered bugs.