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                        What You Need in a WordPress Theme for Filmmakers

                        To build a WordPress Theme for Filmmakers, you must go through 3 main steps.

                        Firstly, prepare the site and start to do marketing for it by social media, banner… (analyse what your site need and then choose a suitable Filmmaker WordPress theme for yourself)

                        Secondly, build a perfect site with amazing videos (you can build the theme yourself or call someone helps) to attract more and more visitors.

                        Lastly, take care the site and your loyal audience.

                        So, let’s see what you need in a Filmmaker site in these 3 main steps.

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                        Tell Your Story about Making the Film

                        To make your filmmaker site be more friendly, let show your audience how hard you worked to make a final product to bring a happy moment for them.

                        You can show it in anyway you want, it can be a video or a page… up to you, just show theme how you did.

                        What You Need in a WordPress Theme for Filmmakers 01

                        magic open book of fantasy stories

                        In addition to emphasizing your movie, your prospective audience will also want to know many things about you and the reason why you are making the movie. Why should people watch a film you made? How will it entertain them? What do you hope to accomplish with the movie?

                        Indecently, taking time to answer questions in your intro film website video may also set you up for a crowdfunding pitch video.

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                        Add Testimonials and Comments On Your Site

                        What You Need in a WordPress Theme for Filmmakers 02

                        You haven’t had a movie yet, does not mean you cannot find at least one early fan excited about the prospect of your movie. An example might be “Hey Jason – I can’t wait to see your ninja zombie movie!”

                        These early testimonials or comments simply need to demonstrate that someone else knows about your movie. To do this, you will want to contact your subscribers and ask them if they’d be willing to give you a testimonial about why they signed up for your mailing list. That’s why you should choose a wordpress theme for filmmakers with Mailchimp

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                        Choose a Wordpress Theme for Filmmakers included a email plugin

                        One more main purpose of a site is email subscribe list. You know email marketing is more and more important in digital marketing. So a great email management system is so crucial in your site. It will play more important role when you have a new product and need so many traffic from the other IDs.

                        Mailchimp is the best plugin to manage your email system and quite easy to use. So take a theme with this plugin is really good for you.

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                        Build a Site Based on Customers’ think


                        After choosing your  suitable email management system, your next step is to create a registration form.

                        As mentioned previously, don’t ask many information which is not necessary. Just focus on what you really need. The real experience is don’t ask too many thing more than name and email. Both MailChimp and Aweber can make this very easy. Besides, they allow to customize registration forms you can embed on your website.

                        As a filmmaker, depending on the word of mouth potential of your movie, having a promotional film website can help you take advantage of initial movie marketing opportunity.

                        So now you know what you need in a WordPress theme for Filmmakers. Let’s get started!