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                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers

                        If you are looking for a website template to build a charming site to have an impressed online portfolio, we think a WordPress theme is the best choice. It’s quite easy and suitable for anyone who don’t know much about coding. So have a look these Wedding Photography WordPress Theme and choose the best one for yourself.

                        1. WedSnap – Wedding Photographer Theme

                        WedSnap is a modern up-market WordPress wedding photography theme that would give photographers an exceptional platform to showcase their talent.

                        This theme comes bundled with a comprehensive feature list that one needs to make the portfolio website stand out from the rest. It is really easy to use and you do not need to be a techie to make this theme up and running.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 01

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                        Features that make WedSnap as a best photographer theme:

                        • Offers premium quality and functionality under a single platform.
                        • SEO friendly and comes with a state of the art blog module that keeps you updated and increase considerable web presence.
                        • Integrated with the major social networking sites making it easy to showcase your talent to the masses.
                        • Each portfolio can be customized to your own taste whether it is for a destination wedding or a normal in-house wedding, you can pick and choose the color schemes.
                        • Allows you to create unlimited pages and add unlimited images to your portfolio that make it very useful and workable theme.

                        2. JPhotolio –Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

                        JPhotolio is another top weddingphotography WordPress theme which provides a new dimension to your online portfolio.

                        If you do a lot of wedding photography where you focus on the destination itself or the bride and the groom, this is a really good choice.

                        The theme is specially designed for wedding photographers who wants that extra out of their portfolio. It adds a lot of finesse to your online presence and would impress your clients like no other.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 02

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                        Features that mak eJPhotolio as a best wedding photography WordPress theme:

                        • It has an innovative slider with embedded video. You can play a wedding video in the background while navigating with the slider.
                        • Integrated with an interactive music player creating a refreshing experience for all website visitors.
                        • Allows you to protect images from unwanted visitors with a security password when required.
                        • Gives you an option of uploading unlimited images to your portfolio.
                        • Customize your portfolio in the style of your choice and make use of a filter to showcase the image of your choice.

                        3. Ray Photy – Photography WordPress Theme

                        Ray Photy Photography is a WordPress theme providing a refreshing experience to all the visitors of your portfolio website.

                        It uses a minimalistic design to help you load your website without any undue lag even when with images are of higher resolution.

                        The theme is great for any wedding photographer as wedding photography needs excellent quality images and that equivalent to much-enhanced resolution.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 03

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                        Features that make Ray Photy as a best wedding theme:

                        • It helps user to navigate easily throughout the website making it easy to upload, showcase and edit all the pictures.
                        • It has an inbuilt visual composer that makes custom coding effortless.
                        • Make any of your wedding photography style portfolio stand out from the rest.
                        • It has different blog styled that make your website more engaging and attractive to your clients.
                        • It is compatible with multiple browsers for that seamless experience across browser platforms.

                        4. Phototastic – Photographer Portfolio Theme

                        Phototastic is another top WordPress theme that is a perfect blend of artistry. It is compatible with both the latest versions of Woocommerce and WordPress, making it a great theme for professional wedding photographers.

                        Phototastic really looks great and feels premium with great features to compliment.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 04

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                        Features that make Phototastic as a best photographer theme:

                        • Show your best dramatic wedding photographs or any form of styles effortlessly to the world with Phototastic.
                        • The full-screen slider helps to portray every pixel in your photograph and grab the attention of your clients.
                        • It comes bundled with multiple utility plug-ins like YITH Woocommerce wishlist, Ninja form, and Woocommerce Quick view.
                        • Compatible with YOAST SEO to ensure maximum visibility among users.
                        • Multiple posting formats- 9 options for you to choose from.

                        5. Photomaker – Photography Desire Template

                        Photomaker is another best WordPress theme that has a stunning design with great utility features.

                        It is delightfully easy to use for wedding photographers to showcase their talent to the world and completely compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 05

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                        Features that make Photomaker as a best wedding photography WordPress theme:

                        • Dynamically designed sidebar that is ideal for displaying high-resolution full-screen images.
                        • Versatile blog section allow you to post blogs in six different options to choose from.
                        • Allows posting a video with embedded I-frame.
                        • A highly responsive design that makes the view of website just perfect for wide range of devices including mobiles and tablets.
                        • There are 12 skin colors that come as standard with Photomaker, just pick the color of your choice.

                        6. Real Photography – Classic WordPress Theme For Photography

                        Real photography is a classic WordPress Theme that boasts super quality interface with great functionality.

                        The whole theme is straightforward and it is simple to use as well. It is one of the best theme to showcase your work as a wedding photographer.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 06

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                        Features that make Real Photography as a best theme for wedding photographer:

                        • It comes with a gallery feature which showcases your gallery images comprehensively.
                        • It is inbuilt with thumbnail sliders or commonly known as classic sliders to showcase your captured photographs.
                        • Large Landscape and 2-column layout
                        • It comes with three classic templates, all unique in their own right. The Blog Template, Portfolio Template and Contact Template!
                        • The layout of the theme is very responsive with a percentage rating of 100%. Mobile devices, computers, tablets would never be an issue if you want to showcase your best classic wedding photographs.

                        7. Vivah – WordPress Wedding Theme

                        Vivah is a great way to showcase your talent as a wedding photographer. This WordPress theme is simple yet very effective.

                        If you, as a photographer is looking out for web presence then, Vivah is a really good way to proceed.

                        It is a boon for photographers and especially for those who are into wedding photography as there can be a lot of pictures to import or export.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 07

                        Features that make Vivah as a best wedding photographer theme:

                        • Compatible with the latest WordPress and extremely responsive, thus well suited for any photographer.
                        • Integrated slider plug-in and offers tremendous functionality and workability.
                        • Retina ready – offers high resolutions, great visibility, more pixels per square inch and sharper images.
                        • One-click import and export which saves lot of time and hassles.
                        • Custom CSS and Fonts Enabled.
                        • It boasts unlimited colors to choose from.

                        8. Florence – Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

                        When your clients spend years to dream and prepare for their wedding day, you would want to deliver the perfect captures to frame those moments forever as their photographer.

                        These templates, tailored exclusively by Florence come with immaculate presentations, myriad layouts, and vibrant galleries to make one and all cherish the memories of that special day.

                        Florence undoubtedly add the glamor and finesse that makes your photograph stand out from the rest.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 08

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                        Features that make Florence as a best wedding photography WordPress theme:

                        • Florence is vibrant, responsive, extremely easy to install and lets you access your pictures on the go.
                        • Create numerous albums in the gallery.
                        • Wide ranges of options to showcase your art. The masonry-styled layout stands out in particular and lets you showcase a lot of content in limited space.
                        • Built-in slider, clean and minimally designed, and provides an enhanced view of your photographs and videos through its tailor made full-screen slider.

                        9. Fotographer – Wedding Photography Portfolio WordPress

                        Everything is minimalistic yet special about Fotographer WordPress theme. It is one of the best theme that is out there with stand out features and each one of them being very functional.

                        If you are a wedding photographer and you need a platform to showcase and sell your digital wedding pictures, then this can be a great choice.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 09

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                        Features that make Fotographer as a best wedding theme for photographer:

                        • 100% responsive across multiple devices.
                        • It comes with unlimited colors as well as fonts to choose from. This leads to unlimited number of layout variations.
                        • Compatible with browser panels.
                        • Stable and Customizable layout options.
                        • It is equipped with Fotorama and Revolution Sliders. This is extremely helpful for portraying your best photos without any sort of hassles.

                        10. Photocrati – Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

                        Photocrati understands your needs completely and has come up with a theme to frame your clients special day.

                        Be it to capture the lively scenes of the pre-wedding bash or the poignant exchange of vows, the themes cover them all. Customizable functionality, color modifications, and pixel perfect design are sure to make your pictures turn a lot of heads.

                        Stunning Wedding Photography WordPress Theme for Photographers 10

                        Features that make Photocrati as a best wedding photography WordPress theme:

                        • The package features more than sixty beautiful starting designs to get you going.
                        • The interactive themes and built-in gallery management lets you seamlessly upload, display and manage unlimited photographs.
                        • Sell your pictures on Photocrati s built in e-commerce gallery.
                        • Numerous blog template styles for each theme.
                        • Widgets: You have full access to customize your entire homepage to suit your style.