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                        Festy – A Fantastic And Stunning Festival WordPress Theme

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        The Festy Festival WordPress theme has been designed and created to help you manage and promote your festival related business. Whether you are planning a festival, a party, an event or anywhere in between, this beautiful theme aims to provide you with everything you need to not only promote your festival in style, but also offer on online booking system.

                        In this post, we will be putting the Festy theme through its paces to find out what features it includes and how you can go about using it to creating your own custom website that matches the quality of your coming festival and event.

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        MORE DETAIL   DEMO

                        When talk about Festival WordPress theme, you may not find out any template perfect than this one. Come with  stylish, extremely convenient design with a stunning homepage and all the most essential features, coupled with a high quality design, Festy certainly includes everything you need to promote your next party and festival online.

                        Some Key Features Of Festy – Festival WordPress Theme

                        Including More Than 10 Awesome Demos

                        The most attractive thing of this Party WordPress theme is it includes an impressive selection of pre-built website demos. These demos are fully formed websites. They cover a wide range of different types of party and festival websites, making this a true multi-purpose Party and Festival WordPress theme. You really can build any type of website with WordPress and Festy.

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        Cultural Festival Demo

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        Summer Festival Demo

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        Carnival Demo

                        Camping WordPress Theme

                        Camping Demo

                        Festival wordpress theme

                        EDM Music Festival

                        And much more…

                        Sell Tickets Online

                        Festival WordPress theme

                        As this events and festival directory WordPress theme has been built to integrate seamlessly with the Booking ticket system, via the free WordPress plugin, this allows you and your community of users to sell tickets to the festivals through your website.

                        Timeline Included

                        Festival WordPress Theme

                        Another useful feature of this WordPress theme is the ability to create a festival and event timeline. This gives you an easy way to provide more information and schedule of the event that will help the visitors to the site can confirm definitive time to be held of each activity, event and allowing them to easily plan the sessions they hope to attend.

                        Highly Customizable

                        In case the theme is not has any demo or template that’s perfect for your project,  Thanks to the customization options of this theme, slightly tweaking the demo content isn’t a problem. On the other hand, if you need to carry out more drastic changes to the appearance of your site, Skylar won’t get in your way either.

                        Completely Responsive

                        Festy – WordPress theme is a 100% responsive and totally mobile friendly WordPress theme which is really ideal for any type of event, festival, party or gathering. Content blocks are positioned differently by the theme depending on the device using what the festival site is being browsed. With this features, you will never to worry about your mobile and any Tablet or iPad visitors not being able to view your content or click on your adverts.