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                        Should We build a website by WordPress for Filmmaker?

                        WordPress was started from 2003. And it become more and more popular blogging software in this industry. In the recent years, WodPress becomes the content management software of non-coder choice like Filmmakers, video blogger… Have a look these advantages below to know the reason why we should build a website by WordPress for Filmmaker.

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                        1. Easy to Use

                        WordPress is so easy to use and manage content, such as: adding new video, blog post, pages… really quick. Every non-programmers (copywriter, marketer, filmmakers…) totally can do this in a easy way because of technology is more and more simple. You also can save time with it’s strong admin. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know code to control everything.

                        2. Multi-users for Studio members


                        The main admin can provide some other accounts, and give them for his members to control and manage the site together. The great thing is that the main admin can decentralise for those account, so they cannot do every thing in the website if you don’t want.

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                        3. Manage Your Website anywhere / any devices

                        If you want to do your work wherever you want, remember your admin account and start to travel around the world if you want. If you cannot remember, bring your laptop, or write it in a note.

                        4. No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required

                        Like no.3  You just need admin to manage your site. You can create blog post, change text font, upload video… without HTML and FTP software is not necessary (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver).

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                        5. Friendly with SEO


                        Code of WordPress is so clean and simple. So search engines can read it and index content os a site easily and quickly. Moreover, there are some great SEO plugin to work well with WordPress. With these plugins, in each blog post, you can add and optimise meta description, alt text, title… to make it SEO friendly.

                        6. Design your site without a designer

                        You don’t have to worry about design your site. Normally, a theme has a great design, and you just need to customise anything you want. You also don’t have to use code to adjust layout, just drag and drop element you need to change. That’s all.

                        7. Plugins helping


                        You know if you want to have a site from WordPress for Filmmaker, you will needs many things and quite complex. Fortunately, there are so many plugins out there to help you solve it promptly. Furthermore, price of these plugins is quite cheap and some of free one is really good like WooCommerce (to sell any thing in your site like CD/DVD). You see, it’s reasonable to take a WordPress for Filmmaker, rite?

                        8. Business Grows

                        You can scale your website whatever you want. You will have thousands of blog posts or pages in a site without compromising your site.

                        So are you ready to take a WordPress for Filmmaker?