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                        Musician Website – A Design Review


                        Nowadays musicians have plenty of channels to connect with their devoted fans with the power of internet. In this article we will review the most basic channel: musician website. In the age of social media, websites seem to have been forgotten. Now musician website is often used as a hub for tour schedule and social media links. But at Beau, we believe the potential of websites can be much more if we know how to harness its power.

                        Now let see how famous singers and music bands use websites for their marketing. I promise there shall be the good, the bad and lots of ugly ones.

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                        Pink’s Page


                        Clean, minimalistic, modern, so simple that this website makes all elements standing out! My top favourite of the bunch.

                        Opening the website feels beautiful and smooth just like opening a fashion magazine. Smooth animations kills with just simplicity.


                        The web also features a Charity section, which makes it different from all other artists’ websites. Clicking on it will lead it to a Help Save Children’s Lives web page, oh dear P!nk and all her goodwills!

                         Meghan Trainor


                        This is just a landing page promoting the upcoming album of Meghan Trainor. Only the elegant picture of her is shown with options to pre-order. All other clicks will lead you to her social media sites. To me this is a waste of domain, but hold on, with Meghan’s income, how could this musician website compare?

                        Ellie Goulding


                        Focusing on visual, that’s what sexy Ellie is doing with her musician website. This is just a one-page website with all needed information brought onto the screen. This makes the design look a little unorganized. Also, the tabs on top of the page will disappear once you click it, magical. No information to learn more about her besides pictures of herself, all of herself!

                        Demi Lovato


                        The good: Clean and elegant design. Nice combination of just black and white on both texts and photos.

                        The bad: No interaction with the audience. This is just a page updating Demi’s tour and event news once a month. Store and photo section both take reader to another website (her Tumblr). Elegant as it may look, this page doesn’t have much to discover.

                        5 Seconds of Summer


                        Is this their official website or just a fanpage Tumblr site? Well, this is actually their own, but it looks like it has been forgotten for such a long time. The photos are pixelated and stretched. The street style looks just lazy.

                        However, it makes perfect sense given the essence of 5SOS fanbase. The band attracts mostly teenage girls, who are so active on social media. Therefore it makes absolute sense when 5SOS focuses much of their marketing effort on social media, rather than their musician website.

                        Bieber’s Musician Website


                        Just like all of Bieber’s appearance online, the website is refined and beautiful. Photos are well-edited, animation looks modern and his purple branding is integrated.

                        However, one minor bug: when you scroll down and click the 3-line menu button, the list appears and then immediately disappears, and you will jump back on top page. Weird!

                        Carrie Underwood


                        This page is still under construction, right? It feels like a musician website of the previous decade.

                        The beige and scarlet color theme is quite annoying, too robust for Carrie’s music style. They over-try to make the colors consistent by putting a red overlay on all pictures. The music player plug-in doesn’t work but keep floating on screen. The news boards are all texts and a “Carrie Underwood” text behind. Seriously are they still coding it?

                        There shall be lots of errors to spot from this musician website design. I am not being mean, but rather learning. In this case, this is a good example to avoid.

                        The Lumineers


                        It feels earthy, organic and humane, just like the music of The Lumineers. This musician website has all that the fans demand: biography, video and music preview, tour schedule and even a membership section. This website is an excellent example of how to expand your branding with musician website, simple but effective.

                        Throughout the eight musician websites that we have reviewed, there are so many things to learn: from what to include to what elements to avoid. In the end of the day, it is up to your music style that you can build an effective musician website.

                        One fun fact: all these websites are built with WordPress. You can see how versatile WordPress websites can be. Be sure to check out our own WordPress theme built for musicians: HUGO and City Soul (upcoming!).

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