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                        10 reasons To Get Music Maker WordPress Theme Free & Premium

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        If you haven’t used the Music Maker WordPress theme free & premium yet, I don’t know why you haven’t. It’s packed full of features that will help you promote and sell your beats. And for a limited time it comes packed full of over 42 marketing graphics to use online, and offline.

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        So If you haven’t bought it yet, here are 10 Reasons to get it today.

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        1. Personal Beat Store

                        The theme has a beat store where you can upload an unlimited amount beats, and set your own prices. It has a simple shopping cart, and checkout process to accept payments fast.

                        2. Professional Branding

                        The theme is extremely easy to customize, and look professional. Having a professional website and blog will help you develop an exciting and engaging brand around your music.

                        3. Showcase Your Music

                        Your name and quality of work will be what helps you generate new business and justify your prices, and this WordPress theme can help you do this. This theme gives you the right platform to display your current and completed projects to future customers.

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        4. Social Network Integration

                        This theme lets your fans access all your social marketing information in one place. Easily link to all your social profiles and embed tweets, Facebook streams, or other social streams.

                        5. Have a Voice to Build a Fan Base

                        The blog feature is a simple yet powerful tool for you to connect with and share relevant information with customers. It’s your direct communication channel to keep fans and customers updated.

                        6. Make Additional Money

                        As I shared in “5 Ways Music Producers Can Make Money Blogging“, there are a number of ways have a blog can help you make additional money. This theme has a built in shopping cart to accept payment easily, and is flexible so you can promote products, services, and have ads on your website.

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        7. Out Shine Your Competitors

                        The music industry is very competitive, and a online presence is a must. To stand out you must connect with fans and customers beyond a 1 page profile.

                        8. Create Unlimited Blog Post & Pages

                        Because the theme is built using WordPress you can create a unlimited amount of blog post and pages that people can share on social sites, and that can be found in search engines. Here are a few pages you can create.

                        Music maker WordPress theme free & premium

                        9. Get Updates for 12 Months

                        The theme has just been launched, but many new features are in the works. So new features will be rolled out in future releases, and you will get them.

                        10. It’s Cheap, Affordable, and On Sale at a Discounted Price for a Limited Time

                        There are 2 kinds: Music maker WordPress theme free & premium. The basic license is only $24. If you sell one beat it pays for it self.