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                        One More Film & Movie WordPress Theme For Filmmaker, Movie Production, Film Agency, Film Campaign, Film Festival And More.

                        Movie WordPress Theme

                        If you have ever searched about Filmmaker and Movie Production WordPress theme, you must know about FilmMaker WordPress theme. Being one of the best templates for film and movie industry website, this theme really make us proud and happy. However, after one more year release, we all know that, there are many things we have to improve if we want to keep the old clients and attract more new. That is the reason why we create this Filmmaker 2.

                        Modern Movie WordPress Theme For Filmmaker

                        filmmaker 2 movie wordpress theme

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                        FilmMaker 2 is creative and powerful movie WordPress theme that can be used to create a website related to film and movie industry. Therefore, if you’re creating a website for a film agency, festival film, film launching,… one of this theme’s many demos could be just what you’re looking for. To find out if this is the WordPress theme for you, read our full hands-on FilmMaker 2 theme review to get the lowdown.

                        Great graphics, multi purpose orientation and a powerful page builder, this in and of itself is a potent combination. But having used this film and movie on a test site, I can tell you that it is certainly a theme that be used by a non developer to create a functional and elegant website with the least amount of effort. And personally I believe that the best themes should always be capable of lending voice to the creative intent of any online entrepreneur without distinguishing those who can and can not code. And Filmmaker certainly goes a long way in that regard as well.

                        Multiple WordPress Website Demos

                        This time, with the hope to help you create as many different websites as possible with just one WordPress theme, we was designed Filmmaker 2 with nine awesome demos. These demos can all be considered standalone website designs with each one built for a different purpose.

                        Film Agency Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        The Film Agency demo is an unusual option and isn’t one often seen available from other multi-purpose WordPress themes. Therefore, if you need to create a Film Agency or Film studio release business website with WordPress, It may be have not any choice better than Filmmaker 2.

                        This Filmmaker 2 demo packed with include 3 different homepage along with other page templates and layouts to ensure your content is always presented attractively.

                        Festival Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        Festival Film is a modern, clean and dynamic Demo suitable for Filmmaker, Producer, entertainment company or anyone who want to organize a film festival. Whether you are a professional or not, this theme includes all features you need for your next festival, to present, promote and sell your ticker online.

                        The default homepage layout includes a full-width slider, complete with eye-catching images and text. As your visitors scroll down the homepage, they can see a selection of photos and useful text. You also have the option of displaying content from your popular movie, posts from your blog, and the photos from your guest on the homepage.

                        Beside Film Agency Demo and Film Festival Demo, Filmmaker 2 also included 7 other landing demos which specially focus on introduction, marketing, promotion and advertising film and movie which are in release and launching time.

                        Action Film 1 Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        If your new release is an action film, then this demo will be a good option. With the combination between black and yellow color along with cross lines, this demo bring in a strong, enticing and excited style. The features and default homepage layout makes it easy to promote your new project.

                        War Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        As the name suggestion, this demo would be a great choice for all war films launching and war movies release. The design is… , giving you plenty of room to get your point across. All the necessary elements are included, helping you publish your content in the right way

                        Classic Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        This is one of the Filmmaker 2 theme demos. Classic, elegant and luxurious are what you get from this demo. When creating a classic film website with WordPress and the Filmmaker 2 theme, you’ll have the option of displaying a slider on the homepage.

                        Fantastic Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        –>> Try to discover a stunning, unique and mystery demo for fantastic film website.

                        Action Film 2 Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        –>> One more option for creating an action film promotion and advertising website.

                        Western Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        –>> Western film is one kind of movies that have amount of viewer high. And this is one page for Western film campaign releasing.

                        Bio Film Demo

                        Movie WordPress Theme

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                        –>> Great landing page for biography film.

                        Fullscreen Photo and Video Sliders

                        As you’d expect from a film and movie WordPress theme, the Filmmaker 2 configuration uses the full screen photo and video sliders as the homepage begin display. This not only does a powerful job of catching the attention of your visitors, but it also gives you a good opportunity to display some of your best work.

                        Full-screen Video and Image Backgrounds

                        As part of its embrace of the full screen layout, Filmmaker 2 makes it easy to display full screen video and image backgrounds on your WordPress website. Whether it’s on the homepage of your website, or its other areas,  adding full screen images and videos, complete with auto play is an effective tool at your disposal for drawing in your new visitors.

                        Revolution Slider Included

                        One of the best new feature of Filmmaker 2 that was not packed with the Filmmaker theme is the powerful Slider Revolution plugin. This popular premium plugin gives you the tools to create advanced animated slideshows for your WordPress website. These slideshows can be seen action on some of the Soledad website demos.

                        As Slider Revolution is one of the most feature-rich slideshow builders available for WordPress, you can add any type of content to your sliders, including videos, images, post content, ecommerce store products, and a whole lot more.

                        Depending on how much time you wish to invest in creating your sliders, it’s possible to build advanced slideshows that use attention grabbing animation effects and then publish them throughout your website.

                        Visual Composer Page Builder

                        Filmmaker 2 includes the incredibility popular Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin. This tool upgrades the WordPress Editor and gives you the ability to design your own custom page layouts. You can combine columns and rows to build advanced layouts. You can then populate those layouts with a wide range of modules and elements.

                        filmmaker 2 movie wordpress theme


                        The Visual Composer user interface is very intuitive. This makes it easy for everyone to drag and drop items around the page to create the perfect designs for their website and its content. Normally you’d have to pay $34 to purchase Visual Composer. However, with Motive, Visual Composer is included in the price of the theme.

                        Completely Responsive

                        Because of convenience preference, Filmmaker 2 Movie WordPress themes allows you to use it with all devices. So then, you will never to worry about your mobile and any Tablet or iPad visitors not being able to view your content or click on your adverts.

                        Fast Loading & SEO Optimized

                        filmmaker 2 movie wordpresss theme

                        Everyone needs a fast loading website. Google reportedly looks at site speed when deciding where to rank a website in their search engines. Even if they didn’t, you’d still want a fast website. Slow sites can repel visitors quicker than bad design.

                        A slow loading website can also significantly affect your conversion rates. If you’re selling products from your website this can be bad for business. But even if you’re just blogging for fun, a fast loading website will encourage your visitors to read more of your content, stick around for longer, and maybe even subscribe and come back later. With a slow loading blog, that’s highly unlikely.

                        View FilmMaker theme demo. Get more information about the theme here.