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                        Microsoft’s New HoloLens Details Leaked – a Breakthrough of Our Modern Life

                        The Hololens – Microsoft’s augmented reality headset – has attracted so much people who are curious and want to try this modern device. However, information about how it work is nearly zero.

                        Fortunately, in the recent event held at Tel Aviv, Israel, a little bit information about Hololens has been leaked.

                        With the amazing battery, this device can work within 5 to 5.5 hours on email or Word documents, and 2.5 hours if you want it to work with highly intensive computation which involves detailed renderings. Harris revealed this in a Youtube video posted by Israel-based wearables entrepreneur Niv Calederon.

                        This video has been eliminated, however, Harris confirmed that HoloLens will never be warm and heat dissipated is its great feature. And this device can work well without a wired connection


                        Harris also said that HoloLens has ability to connect with anything including wifi, bluetooth. It also can use 3D audio. However, the first version only support English.

                        He also addressed questions regarding the HoloLens’ field of view (FOV), saying that the experience is like having a 15-inch monitor about “this far” from your face, at which point he holds his hands about a foot in front of his face.

                        Back in December, Microsoft made the HoloLens available for the public to test at its Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. But the price is $3,000 per one, the device is really more for developers rather than the general consumer market.

                        The HoloLens is planned to start shipping to developers in the first quarter of 2016.