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                        A Colorful And Modern Elementary School And Kindergarten WordPress Theme

                        Kindergarten wordpress theme

                        Nowadays, when modern life more and more effect on human, parents and children spend less than an hour with each other. This thing lead to a result is many parents would like to find high quality and trustworthy kindergarten and elementary schools where they could give their children a best educational environment. And of course, when the demand increase, the supply increase too. That is why there are a lot of kindergarten and elementary school were established in over the world. So, among a forest of choice like that, how could you make your school become one of the top choice for these parents? The best method is use your kindergarten is your education website. As children are the society’s main focus of attention, people tend to be more skeptical about the quality and proper activities of your kindergarten. In a word, your kindergarten website should be where parents and children can easily approach the best educational experience.

                        After three months for careful researching and deeply understanding, we have successfully created KINDERGARTENS – a colorful and modern elementary school and Kindergarten WordPress theme. With this theme, we ensure that you will have a chance to build an awesome website for your school. Now, let discover Kindergarten theme with this review post.

                        Kindergarten WordPress Theme Features

                        Kindergarten WordPress Theme

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                        • Pretty And Diverse Layout
                        • With the main purpose is design for kindergartens, elementary school, preschool and children education, we were tried to design suitable with this. All layouts, all photos, all colors are so pretty, funny and lovely like you are in the kid world. Moreover, to avoid the boredom, we also specially create a lot of layouts and put on each page a different layout template.
                        • Event Management Tool Included
                        • Most educational institutes and places of learning will hold events. Whether those events are open days, social events, fundraisers, or other types of gatherings, a good website will need to promote them to the community. Thankfully, the Kindergarten WordPress theme has a good events manager feature. This makes it easy to upload events information to your website and then publish it in an easy to read format.
                        • Kindergarten WordPress Theme
                        • The individual events pages give you the opportunity to publish all of the information you need to assist your visitors. This can include the event description; important information such as the time, date, and contact details and an online event registration form.
                        • Infrastructure Introduction and Class Descriptions
                        • Kindergarten WordPress Theme
                        • BeauKindergatens theme includes a very useful class description feature. By using the Class custom post type, you can quickly create description for all of your class. The benefit of this is that it allows visitors to quickly view the roster and timeline of classes, before decide what class they will choose for their children.
                        • Kindergarten WordPress Theme
                        • It is nothing strange when parents and students would like to know about class, playground and environment where you will use for education. That is why your school infrastructure introduction is so important to show on your website.
                        • Membership Site Ready
                        • Kindergarten WordPress Theme
                        • One of the best features of the Kindergartens theme is it allow you create an online membership website which often grant users access to a set of content in exchange for a recurring subscription fee.
                        • Custom Theme Options Panel
                        • To help you configure your website in exactly the way that you want, this Kindergarten WordPress Theme makes use of a detailed set of theme options. This control panel covers everything from enabling responsive design, setting the page background colors, uploading the logo for your site and a whole lot more.
                        • Through the control panel, you can also make a few more changes to your website, which aren’t often on offer with many other themes. This includes the header configuration, detailed typography settings, and the ability to add your own custom CSS to further personalize the theme and really make it your own.
                        • Drag and Drop Page Builder Packed
                        • As well as the site customization options provided by the WordPress Control Panel, Kindergartens also includes the best drag and drop page builder plugin – Visual Composer that will save you tons of time working on your website’s content and layout.
                        • This means that when using this theme, you not only have a whole host of page layouts to choose from, but you also could easily edit any thing you want to meet your exact requirements. Of course, you completely could do all these things without any knowledge of code.