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                        Indispensable steps to design a great website

                        Indispensable steps to design a great website

                        Currently, there are so many articles about web design trends. However, there is a few about how to create a website, especially before starting to create a site. In this article, I will mention to this. How to analyze the Indispensable steps to design a great website.

                        1. The basic goals of the website

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                        First of all, you should determine the brief and clear goals of a site, this will help you a lot before you start to design a website. This is the beginning point to expand your targets and also the effective tool to evaluate success of a site.

                        You don’t want your site to be lost without any way to go, do you? Set it some targets, the way will be clearer and clearer.

                        2. Visitors

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                        The next step of web design is determine the main customer of your website, in order that designer can know to design a web suitable with customers’ need and wish.

                        2.1 Web surfers

                        To have these visitors, you should have stunning photos and surprised posts’ content. Furthermore, all links on homepage should have  navigation to it’s details and make some brief introduction to attract them to stay longer in your site.

                        2.2 New and occasional visitors

                        The new visitor will not stay in a site if it has a complex menu, unattractive images and unclear sitemap.

                        According to Jakob Nielsen of Sun Microsystems, there is less than 10% visitors ignore the top of a site. In contrast, the occasional visitors like home page more. The home page includes images and symbols which help them to remember and link them to another your details’ links.

                        2.3 Regular visitors

                        This visitors depend on your website to get information quickly and correctly. They usually have some purposes in their mind, so they need a great filter, and diversity of information you can give them.

                        2.4 Foreign visitors

                        To expand your customer, you should have an option to translate your site to any language in the world. Beside, be careful with the symbol you use in your site. These symbols will cause some misunderstanding because of culture differences.

                        3. Research

                        Indispensable steps to design a great website 03

                        Todays, there is a huge resource about web design on social media: Behance, Dribble, Pinterest… or the live websites. You can use them to consult, analyze and draw your own characteristic on a website.

                        4. Design strategy

                        After all, this is the time to make a plan. You don’t have to worry about deadline anymore, the specific plan will help you alot.