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                        How to Deal With Creative Criticism

                        How to Deal With Creative Criticism

                        There are two sides to every coin. So 2 different of viewpoints with your creative products (positive and negative) are always exist. And the question is that how can you use criticism as fuel for your creative process? Creative veteran and current chair for Interactive Digital Arts at UAL, Fred Deakin shares tips on how to take and deal with these creative criticism.

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                        Seek all opinions proactively

                        The need for positive reinforcement often causes us to lock ourselves away, polishing our ideas till we feel ready to unleash them onto the world. This can, unfortunately, set us up for a shock when someone we respect is not as impressed by the idea as we thought.

                        By actively seeking outside perspectives early on, we can save ourselves a lot of time and pain later. As much as we might want to impress with our ideas, we should remember to develop our thinking radically and simply

                        Listen the others to learn from them

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                        It is easy to go on the defensive when we are open to scrutiny and the natural creative reaction is let your mind come up with rebuttals that will keep the concept alive. But doing so distracts your mind from listening. There is little use in asking for input if you are not going to take it.

                        Next time, instead of preparing yourself for a debate, listen to what is being said without thinking about what it means for you or your idea, there is time to think about that later.

                        Don’t make it be personal.

                        Just because someone does not like your idea, it does not mean that you are a failure. Historically, many successful innovators came up with “wrong” or “bad” ideas before hitting the right one. The trick is not to get too bogged down by the negative feedback and to use it as a motivation to push yourself and your ideas further.

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