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                        How to build a WordPress theme for movie website


                        In the film industry, websites and trailers work as the same purpose: to be marketing materials to get people excited. However there are many bad WordPress theme for movie website that cannot satisfy audience’s needs: no interactivity for audience, lack of relevant design, etc.

                        In this article we point out some basic elements needed in the design of a WordPress theme for movie website. This will help you build a better website to attract as many audience for your movies as possible.

                        The audience rules


                        For artists, the audience may not be really important. An artist uses his masterpiece to express himself and himself only.

                        But for designs to be good, they must be aimed the used of people. Therefore it is highly important for viewers to be able to navigate your site.

                        One might argue that the only thing that matters is the audience and their ability to easily navigate their way around a website. Within the first milliseconds of landing on your website, people already have one foot out the door. If they don’t find what they’re searching for, or the site inhibits them from doing so in an efficient and hassle free manner, they certainly will walk right out that door. Have both these traits in tandem, and like death and taxes, you are guaranteed to lose. No amount of fancy trappings or flashy designs — no pun intended — will save your website.

                        Content is king


                        Building WordPress theme for movie website doesn’t include writing content for the movie website, but it does include making space and putting top priority for content of the website.

                        Whether it is commercial or narrative feature films, creating an exceptional script should be the first and foremost priority. Naturally, a great script would be mindful of the purpose of the project. In much the same way, having great and valuable content is of the utmost importance for a website. Writing down a couple of good ideas does not make a great script.

                        Share your story


                        In addition to emphasizing your movie, your prospective audience will also want to know a thing about you and why you are making the movie. Why should people watch your movie? How will it entertain them? What do you hope to accomplish with the movie?

                        Telling a story in your website will ensure to attract and keep audience lingering on your page. Then designers must remember to put a story section when they design WordPress theme for movie website.

                        Visual design = Cinematography

                        When a script is perfected and ready to go, the only thing left to do is get the film rolling and into the can. Cinematographers have an endless arsenal of tools to realize the director’s vision, and the same apply to designers of the movie website.

                        Movie website needs to be consistent with the design of the movie. Therefore it is hard job for designers to create a versatile WordPress theme for movie website so it can fit different purposes.


                        Testimonials are like good reviews, they give you credentials.

                        Just because you do not yet have a movie, does not mean you cannot find at least one early fan excited about the prospect of your movie. An example might be “Hey Jason – I can’t wait to see your ninja zombie movie!”

                        These early testimonials simply need to demonstrate that someone else knows about your movie. To do this, you will want to contact your subscribers and ask them if they’d be willing to give you a testimonial about why they signed up for your mailing list.

                        One last big reminder: newsletter

                        The primary objective of your film website during the promotional stage is to get people to enroll in your mailing list. To do this, you will want to research several 3rd party email providers.

                        For our WordPress theme for movie website, Filmmaker, we use Mailchimp, an effective plugin to collect email and customer information.


                        Filmmaking may seem like a completely different discipline than designing a website, but many intersecting core philosophies, and dedication to the rendering of a visual product provide an interesting insight into the contrasting arts. In many ways commercials and WordPress theme for movie website are very similar.

                        Being conscientious of your audience and being dedicated to the purpose and function of the website will get you headed in the right direction, while having exceptional and unique content will retain and grow the fan base.

                        Now go build your own WordPress theme for movie website!