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                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress

                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme Wordpress

                        When Kendall and I were planning our wedding in 2010, we wanted to provide our friends and family a website to visit where they could find the wedding schedule, maps, photos, and our registration. We were looking for a website that was simple and elegant. It needed to offer basic features like an RSVP form, and we had to be able to update it easily as plans for the event changed.

                        At the time, the options were pretty limited, so Kendall ended up creating something from scratch. It was beautiful and perfectly matched our wedding’s aesthetic, but the process opened our eyes to how difficult making a wedding website could be for someone outside the web development world.

                        Thankfully, over the following years, all that has changed and there are now a variety of wonderful ways to create wedding websites and hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from. In this article, we are going to work through how to make a wedding website with WordPress using one of the beautiful Wedding Theme WordPress in the collection below. You should have a fully functional website up and running in 15-20 minutes, and I promise that this will be the easiest part of preparing for your special day.

                        Choosing a Domain Name

                        The first step in setting up any website is choosing a domain where you site will be visible to the public. Many wedding websites are at domains like “” For example, ours was

                        Don’t feel like this is a hard and fast rule. You can get as creative as you want. We’ve also see lots of wonderful domains names for wedding websites that are whimsical, sweet, and have nothing to do with the names of the bride and groom. If you’re a creative person there’s no limit to the possibilities.

                        When you think you’ve found the right domain, type it into the widget below to check for availability:

                        Reserve Your Domain And Set Up Hosting

                        For creating a wedding website, I think there’s really only one good option for hosting and that is Bluehost. We’ve been using Bluehost’s shared hosing for years and have recommended them to friends, family, and clients who have all come back with positive things to say. They offer hosting for as little as $3.49 a month, which is a huge value.


                        Next, you’ll want to choose a plan that’s a good fit for you. If you don’t expect to have any other websites beyond this wedding site you’ll most likely want to go with the Starter level. That said, it’s really nice to be able to add as many domains as you’d like to the account so take a good look at the Plus plan as well.

                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress 05

                        On the next page, you get to select your domain name. You have already found an available name in the first step, and this is where you will reserve this domain so that you own exclusive rights to use it. If you already have a domain, enter it into the field on the right and follow the steps to use it at Bluehost.

                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress 06

                        The final step is to fill our your billing and contact information. With that complete, we can move on to setting up your wedding website!

                        Installing WordPress

                        Bluehost offers a fantastic video tutorial on how to set up WordPress on their hosting. It literally take just a few clicks of the mouse to watch the video and then check back here for the next steps.

                        If you are more technically savvy and want to do a manual install to have more control over the process then follow these simple steps. First log into your cpanl and chose the option to create a new database. While you’re going through this process be sure to write down the database name, username and password. Then access your hosting account using your preferred ftp program and upload the latest WordPress files from the official download page. Finally you’ll want to modify the wp-config-sample file by adding your database information in the correct fields then rename the file to wp-config and upload it to the same location on your server. The last step is to navigate to your websites public domain and follow the setup steps. Make sure you take this last step immediately so your server is not left vulnerable to attack by anyone who stumbles into it.

                        Choosing a Wedding Theme WordPress for Your Site

                        Here’s where it gets really fun. There are thousands of WordPress themes all over the web that you can choose from when setting up your website. You’ll want to look for features like an easy to navigate setup process and a beautiful design that matches the aesthetic of your wedding event. If you’re planning to collect rsvp responses via the website you should make sure the theme comes with a built-in RSVP form that notifies you by email. Additionally you may wish to look for features that assist with your gift registry and event mapping. This website can be the central hub where your guests go to stay current on your wedding plans. I’ve collected our very favorite wedding themes here for you to review:


                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress 07

                        DOWNLOAD          VIEW DEMO

                        WeddingEngine is a mobile-ready elegant theme perfect for your big day. The theme includes plenty of tools that every bride and groom want for their website such as a wedding countdown timer, galleries for photos and videos, an events template, RSVP form and guestbook. The theme also includes standard features such as a blog and plenty of customization tools. Plus, this theme is easy to set up and install — it only takes one click. Other theme features include statistics information, localization, detailed PSD files, slider and SEO optimization.

                        WeddingEngine has a design that can be tailored to any wedding. The theme is light and airy with ornate detailing throughout. Every page is designed to work with the site as a whole, from colors to typefaces.


                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress 08

                        DOWNLOAD          VIEW DEMO

                        Gittys is a super simple wedding WordPress theme. The responsive theme is built with powerful social media integration and is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress. Gittys also includes search engine optimization tools so that your wedding site is easy to find and plenty of customization options and shortcodes. Other features include multiple galleries, portfolio pages, custom typography, custom background, slideshows and the PSD files are included with the download.

                        Gittys is designed to showcase you as a modern couple with a trendy website design. The minimalist site, features a full-screen image, “cards” of the couple, a small but robust menu and social media sharing right on the homepage. With a few great photos, this theme will help you create a sharp wedding site quickly and easily.


                        How to Build a Website With a Wedding Theme WordPress 03

                        DOWNLOAD          VIEW DEMO

                        Qaween is packed with features and customization options to create a wedding site that truly reflects your personality. The responsive theme includes an almost unlimited color palette, has more than 500 Google Fonts and comes together using a drag and drop design tool. The theme also includes essential features such as a countdown timer, RSVP form. Photo gallery, slideshow and four custom post types.

                        But what’s with the name? Qaween is derived from the Indonesian word “kawin,” which means getting married. The look of this theme is modern, featuring a flat design style with plenty of open space, simple typography and room to showcase your images.

                        Source: nimbusthemes

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