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                        Freelancer – Work At Home Or In An Office

                        Freelancer - work at home or in an office

                        There are 2 types of freelancer: work at home or in an office. Both ways have benefits and disadvantages. Freelancers cannot concentrate and lack of interactive space when they work at home. On the other hand, work in an office will take  lots of money. Let’s compare how different they are.

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                        1. Working at home



                        Working comfortable in your home will help you to save a mount of money for not going to work on a long way, not have to rent an apartment to stay near your company

                        You can work with any cloth you want


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                        Wearing anything when working is the best thing to do when you work at home. However, the bed is next to you and it’s so easy to make you feel asleep and get back to the familiar bed. Perhaps, deadline will kill you after that.



                        You will be distracted by the people living with you or the other entertainment tools (TV, games…), especially your cozy bed.

                        Working tirelessly


                        Working at home means you you don’t have a constant working time. So you may be workaholic and forget that you should take a rest and have free time to relax, even ignore your beloved bed.

                        No interactive space


                        Some people prefer working alone, however, working at home means no meeting, no discussion. You dismiss a chance to learn from colleagues’ experience to improve your skills and your products.

                        2. Work in an office


                        You really work


                        You have to go to work everyday, prepare for work each day. You have responsibility to go to work and complete your work  on time. Unlike working at home, the time is in your hand right now.

                        Meeting room


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                        A good point in a working environment is interactive. You can get a chance to blow your mind with your colleagues, find our the new amazing idea for the new project or create a great product.

                        Professional thinking


                        You have to have a professional thinking when your colleagues around everyday. Sometimes, you will have a chance to work with masters in this field. This will help you feel you are working in a real life, not a freelancer



                        To work in an office, you have to rent an apartment. So you have to spend a mount of money for this. However, you can save expense for moving from home to your office



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                        Although there are many colleague around, your working space is isolated to prevent you from distraction.

                        Remember that your skill and responsibility to work is the most important thing for employer to hire you or not.