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                        Free Video Blog WordPress Theme, Why not?

                        Free Video Blog WordPress Theme, Why not?

                        Everyone loves freebies, especially Video blogger. Because with a low budget they can build a beautiful site for their own. Moreover, there is so much more benefits of using a free Video Blog WordPress Theme. So have a look these advantages.

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                        – Firstly – the greatest feature – these themes is totally FREE, and you just need to download and use anyone you like

                        – Don’t worry about support. There is a huge community out there (group, forum, google…) and just post their question, you will receive the answer quickly and effectively. You know, coders all around the world are brother

                        – You can see that free video blog theme is more and more popular, therefore, there are so many plugins made to work with these free theme.

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                        Besides of Free Video Blog WordPress Theme’s benefits, there are some disadvantages you should know to make a right decision if you are intending to take one.


                        – You will not have any warranty or assurance of working if you take a free theme

                        – Unlike Premium themes, you don’t have any support from author if you are using a free theme

                        – They are updated frequency, however, premium theme is much better in this

                        – If you want to have an unique looking don’t take a free theme

                        – Lastly, there are some cheats around these free theme. So be careful if you are intending to download a free theme.

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                        Everything has two sides, so consider carefully after you take a Free Video Blog WordPress Theme. Let see how do we choose one.

                        How to choose a Free Video Blog WordPress Theme

                        1. Don’t choose a theme with enough feature. Think further and prepare carefully for your future site
                        2. Think about the other purposes. Because you may want to change your first purpose
                        3. Choose a specific theme. Because they know which is the best for your site and comes with a helpful features.
                        4. Make sure that, the theme you are going to choose will be updated frequently
                        5. Consult from forum, group, friend… to know how believable it is.
                        6. Lastly, don’t take the theme from thousands years ago.


                        Good luck with your new site from a Free Video Blog WordPress Theme 🙂