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                        Festy – A Creative, Convenient And Stylish WordPress Party Theme 2017

                        festy festival wordpress theme

                        Festy WordPress Party Theme is a stylish and extremely convenient design that will help you build premium looking websites. Whether you’re creating a website for your Private Party, Festival or any kind of Party and Events, Festy WordPress Party theme and its multiple demos could be a great choice. In this theme review, we’ll explore the main features of this theme and find out whether it’s a good option for WordPress users.

                        WordPress is by far the most popular CMS (content management system) and is used by over 80 million websites which accounts for around 20% of entire web. WordPress is fully customizable thanks to millions of themes and plugins available for this platform. You can create your own custom website without writing a single line of code and that is something you can’t do with other platforms.

                        Festy WordPress Party Theme Features

                        Multiple Website Demos

                        Festival Cultural Demo


                        Festival WordPress theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        Specially design for cultural festivals, this demo come with lively and colorful design which will bring into the viewer a happy, funny, dynamic and fresh feeling. If you are a man who just want to finding something specail and different, unique and completely creative, so this design if for you.

                        Festival Cultural is one introduction landing page, very simple but not unattractive. It included all necessary information presentation to show yourself such as a short text to introduce about you, a beautiful gallery to display your photos or some information about your festival like timming, location, food menu, activities and so on.

                        Private Party Demo


                        wordpress party theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        If you are going to planning a Private party then this demo is specially for you. Party Private is a modern and functional demo was born with tons of features that allow to create, edit, sell event’s ticket, manage order for any kind of private parties.

                        Carnival Demo


                        carnival wordpress party theme

                        DEMO  FREE DESIGN

                        As the name suggest, this demo has been created for building a website for Carnival specially. It come with colorful and fresh, garish and unique, beautiful and extremely attractive design which will create exciting and interesting.

                        The default configuration of this demo features an animated background slider on the homepage to help catch the attention of your visitors. After that, you can show the timeline, display photos of your events, and provide the necessary information on how your visitor can find their way to join your party.

                        Pool Party Demo


                        pool party wordpress party theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        When summer come, it must be have many pool parties will be held. And of course, a website is always a perfect tool for you to manage, promote and invite your guests. That is the reason why we were gave the favors for this topic with 2 separate demos. Pool Party makes use of the popular and functional one page layout design, which it combines with an eye catching, attention grabbing full width layout.

                        Bright, youthful, stylish and colorful but convenient, It is our attractive Pool party design which exactly created for resort pools, tropical pool.

                        Summer Party Demo


                        summer pool party wordpress party theme

                        DEMO  FREE DESIGN

                        On the other hand, if your party is help in a ordinary pool, so then this demo is more perfect. Minimal, dynamic and clean are style of the Summer Pool Party Demo. Summer Pool WordPress party theme is another more bright and fresh ones.

                        EDM Party Demo


                        Festival wordpress theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        If you are a man who love EDM music style and you are planning a party, an event to enjoy and share your awesome and great EDM music products, so EDM Party demo is a good choice.

                        Be worthy a WprdPress party theme, EDM Party is a youthful and lively, modern and stylish, attractive and creative design for EDM party, music party sites that incorporates many perks and features. Its trendy design can not only meet the aesthetic standard but also live up to EDM music party industry’s demand.

                        Camping Demo


                        Festival WordPress theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        Need to build a website to manage, plan and introduce, promote your camping? If so, the Festy Camping demo is the obvious choice. With unique and lightly layout, lively and colorful design which best suitable for Camping or Outdoors Activities, this demo will give your website the right look to help attract the viewer.

                        With Camping demo you can create photo & video galleries or schedule of planning events and you also could show your campers, staffs and your special programs. Moreover, you completely could sell your ticket online when this WordPress Party theme included the e-commerce functionality.

                        Festival Beer Demo


                        festy beer festival wordpress theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        Festival Beer is an other awesome demo of this Party and Event theme with Modern, Stylish, Charming and Functional design created exactly for Food and Beer Festival.

                        With lots of customizable features, Festival Beer can be also an ideal solution for Beer Festival, any Food Event or Fair Weekend. Festival Beer will help you promote easily providing information about available or upcoming events, information about guests, organic market products and vegetarian news. You also could feel free to sell your ticket online if you want with this lovely design of us.

                        Lady Night Demo


                        lady night wordpress party theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        It is so awesome when you could get up a Party that just for ladies. And it will be more awesome when you have a site to present your lady party as well as invite your guests. To designed just for lady nigh parties, Out “Lady Night” will help you easily create a stunning and lovely site than ever.

                        With this one page theme, you could illustrate your all main information like Timming, Location, Artist, Gallery, Menu and will not make the viewer feel confused or boring.

                        Beach Party Demo


                        beach party wordpress party theme

                        DEMO   FREE DESIGN

                        Beach Party Demo is a clean and bright design for Beach Parties, Events. Comes with this demo, you will come with the feeling of comfortable, relax, cool and the excitement of the parties on the beautiful beaches.

                        Through the long form design of the landing page, you can display the all features of the event, such as the activities, game, schedule, menu, artist, before providing more detail information like location, timming, count down, map,… as your visitors scroll down the page.

                        Highly Customizable

                        However, If there isn’t any demo or template that’s perfect with your party, this WordPress party theme could still be a good choice for you with the customization options of this theme, slightly tweaking the demo content isn’t a problem.

                        Through the Festy theme options control panel, you can personalize many aspects of your WordPress website. As the work takes place through a visual user interface, it’s clear what each setting or button does. This approach makes it very easy to customize your site.

                        Slider Revolution Slideshow Tool

                        The Festy WordPress party theme includes the powerful Slider Revolution plugin. This popular premium plugin gives you the tools to create advanced animated slideshows for your WordPress website. These slideshows can be seen action on some of the Soledad website demos.

                        As Slider Revolution is one of the most feature-rich slideshow builders available for WordPress, you can add any type of content to your sliders, including videos, images, post content, e-commerce store products, and a whole lot more.

                        Other Features Of Festy

                        The above are just some of the standout features of Festy WordPress party theme. There are still have a lot of other reasons that will make you might want to choose this stunning theme, for example:

                        • Powerful slideshow builder tools
                        • Mobile friendly and retina ready
                        • 700+ Google Fonts to choose from
                        • Image gallery layouts
                        • Free Ecommerce plugin included
                        • Fee Sketch design for who need
                        • Easy import demo content process
                        • Lifetime free and automatic theme updates
                        • Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin
                        • And much more!

                        Nowadays, your website can contain every single bit of information that your client might need, in addition to pictures and videos. Also, you can post your schedule, notify about current events, and even start an email marketing campaign. All of these advantages and more await those that go through the trouble of setting up their web page. If you decide to open your own online portal, there are some decisions that must be made.

                        The Festy WordPress party theme will be available soon on the market. We will update live demo as soon as possible.