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                        Necessary Features for Event WordPress theme

                        Event WordPress Theme

                        Events, whether formal or entertainment, needs to attract people. One effective way is to let people know about your event with an informative and attractive website. WordPress can do that very well with its powerful content management feature. However, WordPress default is not enough to showcase your distinctive event characteristics. This is when Event WordPress theme comes in handy.

                        Today we will show you how to choose the best WordPress theme for your event, whether it is formal conference or an entertaining musical event.

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                        Your purpose defines the style you need

                        There are different types of events that you need to bear in mind. Conference needs an informative and formal design. Exhibition needs to showcase artworks. Music events need to tease people about the music. Other meetups for book clubs, etc., will need to focus on location, time and schedule.

                        Here is an example of a young and modern conference website from Eventum:


                        Introducing People

                        What makes a conference event? People talking. It is highly important for Event WordPress Theme to feature guest speakers to attract people and build the credibility of the events. Here is an example from Event by WPLOOK



                        Highly important for event centre with lots of events happening or regular events. For example, a cultural center with regular movie screening on Friday. This feature of event WordPress theme will help the visitors keep track with all your events at once. It is also easier for them to browse events. Here is a clean and elegant example of calendar from CitySoul:



                        How convenient it is to push people coming to your event with a fun animation? The answer is right here with the use of Countdown feature. Your event WordPress theme is sure to keep people lingering and dazzled at this feature. It really is fun to watch. And motivating also.


                        Here is an event countdown from the website of The Hayes Sisters, made with our own music theme HUGO.


                        Don’t just wait for your followers to scroll news feed to see you. Go directly to them with email or contact form.

                        Check out a beautiful contact from from im Event



                        People want to see what your previous events look like. Or even people missing your event will want to catch a glimpse of how it looked like. Therefore we highly recommend event WordPress theme to MUST have this feature.

                        An example from The Meetup


                        These are just some of the most basic features needed to include, please comment below if you think Event WordPress theme must have any other features.

                        Your contributions are welcome!

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