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                        Nextop – Elegant Modern WordPress Multipurpose theme for Model Agency, Model Profile, Creative Agency, Photographer, Artist Agency, Gallery Art, Architect, Online Shop And More

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Nowadays, young people are increasingly creative. To correspond with endless creativity, they need places where they can unleash thoughts, pleasure to show off, draw their ideas follow way that you want.

                        Multipurpose theme make it possible for you to create any kind of website that you can imagine. You can use them for publishing your personal blogging site, portfolio, corporate website and eCommerce site. Moreover, an elegant WordPress multipurpose theme is very flexible and gives you an opportunity to personalize your website to efficiently represent your brand, company or organization.

                        Elegant Modern WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Based on the customer demand, we have released a new responsive multipurpose WordPress theme – Nextop.

                        Nextop is an elegant WordPress multipurpose theme that can also be used on all types of websites in a variety of packaging options and offer together with the admin panel, including creative agencies, model agency, artist agency, designers, photographers, individual artists, models, gallery art, architect, online shop for business, freelancers and more.

                        Useful for Many Different Fields


                        Model Agency

                        Model and Fashion Industry is changed from century to century, decade to decade even year to year. A model agency introduces the most beautiful faces and personal to the world. Thus, it becomes the most important for them to present themselves in the perfect light.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Besides, the biggest fashion designers are always try to introduce something new with unique ideas and nowadays you can easily find most of your audience on the website so that’s why you must need one professional looking website before you get into the fashion industry. With everything going online, their website becomes the first place where people search for models. Thus, the agency needs a combination of good layout and flexible theme options to create the perfect site for them.

                        Website is the necessary thing that model agency must have. In there, your customers can see and choose many kinds of models in your company.

                        Single Model

                        wordpress multipurpose theme


                        You can’t wait for your agency to set up a professional website for you.  Claim your own celebrity status with a full on glamorous presentation of your work and ultimately, yourself.  Your own website is the only presentation you have full control over when people Google search your name.  If you can work a Facebook Page or Tumblr, you have the skills to set up your own supermodel-grade website with one of the themes we’ve hand selected below for our modeling clients.

                        Photographer & Artist

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Nextop is also an appropriate choice for photographers and artists with many creative gallery layout, tour schedule or music albums. With Nextop, your artist will have the most detail tour schedule that can be help the fans see all of timetable show. This is the best land for creative photographers who have many artworks, amazing photos after hard working hours can be show all enthusiasm with a stunning design of Nextop. The modern WordPress multipurpose theme for all classical and modern artists.


                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Architecture requires the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology, and of light and shadow. Often, conflicting requirements must be resolved.

                        You need making something creative, you need finding a right place. Nextop will help you solve all problems with Architecture Home. I am sure that our elegant WordPress multipurpose theme will meet up all your requests.



                        Paintings are the most commonly displayed art objects; however, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, textiles, costume, drawings, pastels, watercolors, collages, prints, artists’ books, photographs, and installation art are also regularly shown. Although primarily concerned with providing a space to show works of visual art, art galleries are sometimes used to host other artistic activities, such as performance art, music concerts, or poetry readings.

                        With Art Home of Nextop- the power WordPress multipurpose theme you can show anything you want.

                        Diversity Home layout


                        Come with many different other Home layouts for your choice. From minimal, grid design, creative to elegant style; choose one to make the best website of yours.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Stunning Gallery Styles


                        Special and highlight something in our theme is gallery. We have invested attention and do our best to get creative gallery where photographers can unleash their show off photos in multiple formats.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Easily Install


                        We know that following the document to install demo yourself takes a long time, so this will save your time, this plugin will help you to have perfect Nextop demo in a snap. Only with one click, you can set up the demo easily and quickly.

                        The Most Detailed Model Profile


                        In Nextop, you can show off the most detailed of model portfolios. This is the best position that we deepen such as hair, eyes, skin, hips, inseam, dress, shoe, height, waist….

                        When customers visit on your website, they want to see full and not missing anything about what they need.

                        wordpress multipurpose theme

                        WooCommerce included


                        We have integrated WooCommerce in our theme. With this Plugin, you can make a shop online for your agency, your studio or for yourself. There is someone do not need this option, however, I think it will be useful in anytime when you did not think about.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Integrating Many Features


                        We have also attached our theme with many features, a lot of which are the much-loved features that necessary for a creative and quality WordPress theme.

                        Visual Composer

                        This drag and drop page builder is so important for anyone who don’t know much about coding skill. Just drag and drop items, you can have a different great layout.

                        Master Slide

                        To make your site more impressive, we give you this master tool in our theme to create a professional slide.

                        Contact Form 7

                        Contact form 7 allows you to create the different contact form in the different pages for many purposes easily and quickly.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        Besides, we have used HTML5 & CSS3 in Nextop. It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows more diverse and powerful websites and applications.

                        CSS3 is the latest evolution of the Cascading Style Sheets language. It brings a lot of long-awaited novelties, like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, as well as new layouts like multi-columns, flexible box or grid layouts.

                        And with WPML in Nextop, you not only can translate the site to any language you need, but also can setup more than 1 language in a page.

                        nextop WordPress multipurpose theme

                        To being responsive, a great agency theme also has to make your content shine, whether it’s a gallery, a blog post or a contact page. The overall experience must fulfill a visitor’s expectations, and this starts with choosing the right theme to craft the perfect page for a model agency.

                        These things are the best overview about our theme. If you want to know more about it, visit our theme here.

                        If you are the part of the model world, you will need to create high visibility. Even if you are running a model agency, you need to be visible to a number of clients. This is the reason why it is important to create a website that can give you the kind of visibility your business is looking form. First of all, the website has to be responsive. This means that it should be easily accessible on various device platforms. Secondly, it should be a little flashy and shiny. It should include profiles, model portfolios, the detail of different types of work your agency has done and much more. The idea is to make sure that the expectation of the visitor is met when they visit the website. Nextop is the best choice for photographers, artists or creative agencies also.

                        Only with $59, try using NEXTOP now to make your business better. Thanks for visiting.