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                        Bologna- The Best Magazine Blog WordPress Theme For Personal, Fashion, Travel, Photo-blogging, V-logging, Cooking Guider, Video Blogger And More.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        The first blogs appeared in the late 1990s and now blogs are moving out of their awkward teenage years and entering a more mature stage. Much has changed over those two decades and, indeed, much continues to evolve in the blogging world today.

                        Blogging, too, has also continued to evolve from a leisure activity one might engage in to share a passion or record their personal hopes and dreams and towards a legitimate career choice for talented content creators.

                        Best Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        There are some great news for blog writers, magazine publishers, newspaper publishers, and many more to make you business’s working more speedy and proliferating; we developed and now presenting our brilliantly coded, graphically amazingly designed, ingeniously enthralling, and awe-inspiring “Bologna – The Best Magazine Blog WordPress Theme”. Blogging is the prolific way for digital marketing of brand. It helps to build happy and healthy relationship with your customers. Best benefit of blog is it communicates brand image and increases your search engine ranking. By remembering all these points, we released Bologna – best Magazine Blog WordPress Theme.

                        Responsive 100%


                        Write about what interest and intrigue you, use our affiliate system to monetize your content. We made sure Bologna is responsive, elegant, fast & well-coded. It really looks good on all devices. It is a joy to use it on your smartphone or tablet, let alone widescreen panel of you desktop.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        Bologna is one of kind of crafted with bloggers in mind, an affiliate best magazine blog WordPress theme. We are the first & only. With creative design, great & easy to change typography, it is extremely easy to adopt to any style, perfect for fashion, tech, social, lifestyle and any blog.

                        Many Home Layouts For Your Choice


                        The name “Bologna” began in Italia. With Italian, this is kind of blog. Blog WordPress theme is greatly ideal for blog, magazine, newspaper, personal blog and articles publishers, writers, storyteller, recipe publishers, and many more. Our Bologna comes with 20 home layouts which can make your website front page engrossingly eye-catching. You can present your blogs in different ways and generate traffic on your website. Our Bologna is best blog magazine WordPress theme which represents your blogs & write-ups in pleasing and elegant manner.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        How can you have a blog without a blogger? The simple answer is ‘you cannot’, but that is exactly what we’ll see in the year ahead. Not fewer people blogging, but fewer people describing themselves as bloggers. Instead, we’ll read more and more about influences.

                        Bloggers today are not simply writers looking for an outlet. Instead, they draw together text, images, online video, knowledge of pop culture and trends, business savvy, powerful and extensive social networks, and the skills to bring all of this to bear in a dynamic zeitgeist to deliver value for their audience, advertisers, and themselves.

                        Basic & Creative Pages For A Blog


                        Be the best magazine blog WordPress theme, Bologna can be met for all subjects. We integrated 4 basic pages that all bloggers need. Moreover, Bologna has created with 10 other different details. Some hot examples are below:

                        Cooking guideline

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        This is land where you can show off all about food for people who need. You can present from time preparation, time cooking, ingredients, serving for how many people, detail steps to cook and nutrition in the dishes. Besides, you can save the recipes and see later or share with your friends.

                        Video magazine

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        There is more one page for v-logging bloggers. This is video magazine, and you can save and list all of kinds of video. We bring to you the style with a little vintage, a little strange, a little gentle trending.


                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        Many styles, many trending will be shown in here. If you are a fashionista, you cannot miss those pages. From dresses, shirts, pants, accessories, shoes,… all will be mixed following the newest and best impressive style.

                        Stunning Design With Highlight Post


                        Bologna WordPress Theme has uniquely designed stunning image slider which represents your news or blog related images in dazzlingly decorative manner. The design allows you to unleash the best and it is best suitable for young & creative bloggers. And the first-time feature to appear: the ability to pick highlight posts! You can choose which post to feature on top of your homepage, just like a professional magazine website.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        Presented modern design is mostly for creative and young people that keep pace of time of whom enjoy travel, foods, photography and activities outside of the social mainstream can. Using Bologna you can easily show your stories, express yourself and photos and especially if you’re independent thinking, have an appreciation of creative and intelligent. We live and travel to experience new things, find familiarity abroad and connect all the strange dots that make this world so unique yet so familiar.

                        Outstanding Feature


                        Our Bologna is compatible with Visual Composer, Bootstrap and many modern browsers. It drags and drops page builder which let you to create & update your pages trouble-freely. Its Banner and Slider options make your site more interesting.

                        There are numerous features, options to play with. Bologna utilizes WordPress structure to make sure you can migrate from other WordPress themes. We took care of all technical issues for you so you can focus on creating great content & amaze your readers.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        Blogging isn’t going anywhere and will continue to evolve in its role as one of the most important content creation, publication, and distribution strategies for businesses and individuals online. Make your blogging website more authentic by importing our Bologna – best magazine blog WordPress theme and enjoy with your hilariously prolific business.

                        best magazine blog WordPress theme

                        We are driven by satisfaction of our customers, please help us develop our Bologna further, request a feature!

                        Only with $49 you can experience with the best magazine blog WordPress theme. Click quickly and take it to your house.