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                        4 Biggest Beauty Industry Trends 2016. What Should Spa Centres Do?

                        4 Biggest Beauty Industry Trends 2016. What Should Spa Centres Do?

                        Today The people are richer, the more they care about their health. That is the reason why spa business is more and more popular in the recent years. These are not 4 predictions, these trends are happening now!

                        Beauty Industry Trends #1: Diverse Products/services

                        4 Biggest Beauty Industry Trends 2016. What Should Spa Centres Do? 01

                        Hairdressers, Colorists, Massage Therapist, cialists, Manicurist and Waxers are becoming mobile orienting their own private Salon Suite. Whether in the city or suburbs, clients want services now, whenever they want and they want their services to be convenient. “Service-givers” are responding to clients wants by becoming mobile (outside of the salon environment) or working in a myriad of suite locations so that they can avoid having to abide by spa or barber shop’s set regular hours. By cutting out the salon’s “cut,” service-givers are also making more money than ever!

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                        Beauty Industry Trends #2: Online Shop

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                        Clients have been buying their product online for years instead of buying them in the barber shop or spa. This is costing owner millions and stylists/facialists are losing big commissions. But now there are companies like which allows salons and individual stylists or mobile facialists to be able to “carry a huge virtual inventory” which satisfies their client’s needs while still receiving commissions. LoxaBeauty is made for salon and stylist and I am a user and my clients love ordering “through me,” guilt-free; and they appreciate that I can recommend products and the free shipping over $50.

                        Beauty Industry Trends #3: Booking

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                        Booking is Beauty Industry Trends number 3. That is how clients want to book their appointments. Customers can conveniently book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when your business is closed. And the booking widget is intuitive to the customer, allowing them to breeze through the booking process quickly and with ease. You see, it’s time for online business.

                        Beauty Industry Trends #4: Service menu/details

                        You can see it in the last few years, there was just a service list. So customers have to make a call or go directly to the centre to know more about the the service the are caring about. Each service will be described very details with many sides, such as: prices, experts, times, … It’s easier for customer to imagine and decide a suitable package for their sell. It’s also more simply with the service menu in the main website.

                        People’s living trends

                        4 Biggest Beauty Industry Trends 2016. What Should Spa Centres Do? 04

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                        Organic products – The more modern the life is, the more people use organic product. This kind of product is the best for helth and prevent cancer

                        Casual – our world is becoming more casual and dress-down than ever – as a result, no makeup, makeup looks will continue trending

                        Active Lifestyle – we are dressing in more active wear even if some of us are not active

                        Era of More – we live in a time of more choices, more competition

                        Growth of Millenials – this age group will have tremendous spending power

                        What do beauty brands and retailers need to do based on the above trends:

                        Timing Matters – Promote what consumers need right now. For example, stop promoting Spring collections in the dead of Winter.

                        Having an attractive website – It’s online business era, so build a website with all features above (shop, booking, service menu/details)

                        Be Mobile – 69% of households have mobile phones and 37% of consumers are shopping online

                        Post-Holiday – Continue promoting after the holidays while consumers have gift cards to use.

                        Expand customer size – diverse products/services is the best way to increase your customer size.

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