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                        The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        WordPress is the ideal platform for creating a video website. Whether you want to build a portfolio website to display your own digital creations, or you need to develop a membership site that contains protected video content, the themes in this collection will make it easy to complete either type of project. So you need some best video WordPress themes to refer.

                        All of the themes in this collection are mobile responsive to ensure your smartphone and tablet users can access your site and view your content. However, there are some other optional features to look out for, when shopping for the best video WordPress themes.

                        If you want to build a video website with WordPress, the themes below are the best options for doing so.

                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016


                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        FilmMaker is one of the best video WordPress themes which has been created to help anyone build a video-focused website with WordPress.

                        If you want to give your creative agency website a professional look, or ensure that your WordPress-powered v-log appeals to your audience, the FilmMaker video theme will help you everything you need.

                        When using FilmMaker to build your website, you get four different homepage layouts to choose from. Therefore, whether you want to promote your videography services, display your video portfolio online, or simply create a stylish home for your video content, FilmMaker gives you plenty of options.

                        As well as the multiple homepage layouts you can choose from, the FilmMaker WordPress theme includes the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin. This tool gives you an easy way to customize any of the pre-built layouts that make up FilmMaker, or create your own from scratch.

                        If you want to design a website to promote a film or other video project, the pre-built page templates that make up this theme will help save you a lot of time. In the FilmMaker package, you’ll find directory, crew, film detail, and image gallery page templates to make use. There’s also a range of blog layouts, including video blog templates, full-screen video templates, and more.

                        Adding video backgrounds to your website is easy with FilmMaker, as is importing the demo content to setup your website, and creating video slideshow displays. This video WordPress theme also includes a number of header layouts to choose from, over 600 Google Fonts, and full social media integration.

                        That’s all reason to choose FilmMaker is the best video WordPress themes.

                        Price: $49

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                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        Vysual- one of the best video WordPress themes has been created especially for anyone who needs to build a website to promote a specific movie or other type of video.

                        If you are familiar with the official movie websites that are used to launch new releases at the cinema, then you already have a good idea of what this theme can do. The demo version of Vysual looks just as good as those professional official movie websites and it’s great to know that you can create the same type of site by using WordPress and an affordable off the shelf theme.

                        When setting up your website with this theme, you have two main options to choose from. You can either configure your homepage to display a full-screen slide show or a video background. Both options work really well and your visitors will appreciate being able to either scroll through stills from the movie or view a video clip, such as the official trailer.

                        Vysual offers everything you need to create a movie promotions style website, right down to the poster credits-style formatting of the footer and low price.

                        Price: $49

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                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        To be ranked at the best video WordPress themes in 2016, VideoTouch is a highly flexible theme that has been built specifically for creating a website to display video.

                        Whether you are curating a collection of videos or creating an online portfolio for your own videography work this could be the theme you are looking for.

                        As a modern WordPress theme, VideoTouch is fully responsive. However, when your website is viewed on a mobile device, none of your content will be hidden, such as sidebars, or other content blocks. This helps to ensure this growing demographic of mobile visitors won’t miss any of your important content.

                        It included support for the highly extensible WooCommerce plugin, if you want to sell products, VideoTouch has got you covered. Part of this WooCommerce plugin support includes multiple custom product layout templates and purpose built shopping cart and checkout page templates.

                        VideoTouch is a clean and crisp theme that aims to load as quickly as possible and deliver a consistent user experience across different platforms and devices.

                        Price: $59

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                        True Mag

                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        True Mag comes with over 10 demo versions that can be applied to your WordPress website at the touch of a button. With many awards, True Mag is one of the best video WordPress themes.

                        If you are looking for a flexible template for your video website, True Mag could be just what you are seeking. As well as the multiple demo versions that can be quickly and easily imported into your website, you get many options for how your videos will play and be displayed.

                        Some examples of the video functionality provided by True Mag and its plugins include a tool for displaying video ads, video auto-play tools, and the ability to accept user-generated video submissions through the front-end of your site. However, with True Mag, if you want to self-host your videos and display them on your site, that isn’t a problem either.

                        True Mag might been released over a year ago, but this theme has been constantly updated and improved to ensure you are getting an innovative theme for your website.

                        Price: $59

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                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        With Slimvideo, you get plenty of presentation options to choose from to help you display your video and written content in the right way. This is delivered via the use of WordPress custom post types. This means that your video content is easy to organize on the back-end, while also being easier to find and navigate on the front.

                        As well as the video custom post types, you will also find a custom gallery post type for creating collections of your video content. There’s also an events custom post type to make use of if you are going to be creating offline or virtual events for your audience or promoting the events of others.

                        As well as full ecommerce capabilities, thanks to the support for WooCommerce, Slimvideo also includes support for the BuddyPress plugin. This free extension makes it easy to add social networking features to your website. This can be as basic as making it easy for your visitors to create user profiles and post content, right through to adding a full-blown messaging system, group discussion, and communication areas to your website.

                        With many features and suitable feature, Slimvideo lines also up in row of best video WordPress themes.

                        Price: $64

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                         The Best Video WordPress Themes 2016

                        To compete with many video theme, Viduze finally verify the position and tobe on top best video WordPress themes.

                        There’s a powerful theme options control panel on offer, making it easy to customize many aspects of your site. Not only do you get a modern and fast loading design with this theme, but you also get plenty of page layouts and templates to choose from when publishing new content on your site.

                        Thanks to the one-click demo content installer, you can quickly import the outline of this theme and then start adding your own content. You’ll also find full WooCommerce compatibility on offer with Viduze, giving you the option of charging a fee for access to your files or any of the other items available on your site. Getting your site online shouldn’t be too much trouble either.

                        Price: $59

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