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                        BEBO – The Unique Way To Create Your Amazing Book/Disk Store

                        You must be uncomfortable cause you have to depend on other bookstores (Amazon, Better World Books, BookMooch…) to sell your brainchild. Why don’t you think about your own store to promote your business directly and effectively. Look down, you will know exactly what you need if you are thinking about BEBO – The Unique Way For Your Amazing Book/Disk Store, about your store.

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                        Firstly, can you use the other purposes in this theme? Of course, Bebo is not only for book stores, but also for disk/stationary stores, libraries, book/disk publishers, artists to show and sell their products. Besides, book authors can also use Bebo.


                        Secondly, books of Bebo are all displayed with 2 sides just by hovering. It is so cool, isn’t it 😉

                        Thirdly, there is a section for new books and bestsellers to boost their yields in particular, to spread store’s reputation in general. Moreover, customers can view and buy the product they love promptly by Quickview without reloading the page. This is really helpful for one who wants to save time.


                        One more thing with Quickview, customers are allowed to read 10 pages before they decide to buy it or not. It will help customers make a right decision to invest their money on a good book.

                        In order that readers can have a clear view about what they should buy for their collection, Bebo set up a smart filter for category based on what kind of product customers prefer. So customers can choose one easier.

                        Customers will prize it by rating section. It is really fair for both author and customer. Customers will be please when they have voice to tell what they think, to advice the others buy this product or not. Moreover, author can know where they are, and what they need to improve.

                        BEBO – The Best Marketing Solution For Upcoming Products

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                        One thing you cannot ignore is “subscribe” feature. Force your customers to get notification from your website, and then feel please to buy one 😉

                        Furthermore, the e-Commerce shop is managed by WooCommerce plugin will help to to have an amazing online store to sell  not only your books but also books of the other authors. No matter which language you are using, no matter which currency you use, WooCommerce can solve it for you in a snap.

                        And the last one, you can have all these thing with only $59, FREE support, FREE Visual Composer, WooCommerce… plugin in a site and life time update. Get our BEBO – The Unique Way For Your Amazing Book/Disk Store and make your reputation spread all over the world.

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