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                        Look Some Awesome Recording Studio WordPress Theme 2017

                        studio WordPress theme

                        We have began the year 2017 with the release of this super flexible and awesome Recording Studio WordPress Theme – RECORDING for Artists, Producers, DJ, Record Label, Recording Studios, Entertainment Companies and much more. This theme surely impress clients and will create a strong first impression and definitely help you to introduce your agency to visitors in a professional way, to showcase your awesome projects, to display different types of content or create an online shop. Let find out what features this Recording studio WordPress theme have.

                        RECORDING – Studio WordPress Theme Features

                        studio wordpress theme

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                        Flexible And Creative Recording Studio Demo


                        studio WordPress theme

                        If you are creating a recording studio website then this demo is perfect for you. The home page includes a discretionary foundation video show with energized content. As your customer look down the default home page design, they’ll see all the attempted and tried components you’d hope to discover on a decent recording studio website. This incorporates symbol include networks, customer logos, ability bars, a Google Map, contact data, and a great deal more.

                        Beautiful Gallery


                        studio WordPress theme

                        Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you’re running a small personal site or a large community site. Specially, you are artist so you will need a beautiful gallery than anyone to show your visitor know how great you are.

                        Convenient Services Page


                        studio WordPress theme

                        To help your customer could easy understand about your business, we also build here a convenient services page. With this page, you totally could display your business in your way. Page also included all functions which make your customer feel comfortable when visit your site.

                        WooCommerce Plugin Integrated


                        studio WordPress theme

                        WooCommerce is the plugin that will give the eCommerce usefulness to your store. As WooCommerce is the most powerful and popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it bodes well that this theme has been worked to work flawlessly with this toolkit. In expansion to including formats for all the eCommerce pages of your site, for example, the item pages, checkout tool, and shopping basket, Recording incorporates some eCommerce elements of its own. This incorporates an item speedy view mode that permits customers to improve take a gander at your things without leaving the present page they are review.

                        Revolution Slider Slideshow Tool


                        studio WordPress theme

                        The Recording Studio WordPress theme includes the powerful Slider Revolution plugin. This popular premium plugin gives you the tools to create advanced animated slideshows for your WordPress website. Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. Whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time.

                        Completely Responsive

                        With more and more internet users accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets, for your project to become a success, it must be mobile-friendly. Thankfully, Recording is completely responsive and will adapt to best suit the screen size it is being viewed on. Now you no longer need to worry about your mobile visitors not being able to view your content or click on your adverts.

                        FILMMAKER – Best For Studios And Movie Production

                        Beside the growing of Recording, we have the best selling item is Filmmaker with thousands happy customers.


                        studio WordPress theme

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                        Filmmaker is extremely suitable for Filmmakers, videographers… With minimal, modern design your Filmmaker site will be stand our from the crowd. The special thing of this theme is that a person or a team also can use this theme. You can this theme for a producer, a video blogger or a movie production team.

                        Besides, details page in this theme is so amazing. Look at this, you will feel like you are watching a movie in a theater. And you will know all important people joining to make this movie. Furthermore, you will know how hard team member do to bring you a great product.


                        studio wordpress theme

                        FilmMaker shows that you know who will be reading your website. Modern internet users always need to know more, and we understand that need. FilmMaker gives you the opportunity to create a whole ecosystem surrounding your movie. We provide you informative pages to let you introduce your crew, your making process and a lot more.

                        FilmMaker is no ordinary studio WordPress theme, it has the ability to create a whole ecosystem of your movie studio. Normally, WordPress gives you the blog basics. However, after installing this theme, you will see we have re-constructed the whole structure. Your WordPress website now has different sections for specific functions, like any other professional million-dollar websites. We give you new way to input information, now there are gallery, director, crew sections, etc.


                        studio wordpress theme

                        Filmmaker is always believed by many users. This is reason why its sale is the best. You will not be disappointed when see him.

                        These above are two studio WordPress theme that we suggest you. You can take a look and feeling their attraction.

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