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                        Amour- Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme For Flower Shop, Jewelry Boutique, Accessories And Plant Decoration Shop

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Nowadays, the purchasing at the shop is very normal, whether you think that customers do not have time to go to shop and buy your products. And your shop cannot open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week? For making online purchase process most convenient for your customers, you need to run an up-to-date online shop with sleek responsive design and interactive functionality that makes shopping a fun process.

                        Modern online shopping brings visual and informative together and lets you favorably place the information about the products, as well as showcase them at their best with multiple zooming images, slideshows and video presentations. Try begin your business with a beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        This is the reason we have created Amour- a beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme for some kind of online shop such as flower shop, jewelry & accessories store, plant decorating shop or any kind of stores.

                        100% Responsive


                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        A beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme with a 100% responsive design, optimized to run on mobile as well as computers, these themes leave nothing else to be desired.

                        Besides, it is customizable and has 12 shortcodes. It has various useful page templates and offers lazy loading.

                        Featured Target Demos


                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Amour is a elegant WooCommerce WordPress theme that is suitable for florist shop online. In case you haven’t noticed, it is possible to order flowers online these days. Even if your flower shop does not handle online orders, you should still consider building a website to promote your products.

                        Why limiting your flower store business with the size of your city, or district, if nowadays you have a unique opportunity to grow it beyond any borders. Of course, creating your own website is only a first step, but it’s crucial for your further success.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        One of our demos is for accessories & jewelry store. This way you’ll increase your revenues and you’ll attract more clients. A good online shop website is one that is user friendly and has a high quality design. If you cannot afford a professional designer you don’t have to worry! Amour is one of many high quality WordPress themes out there which you can buy and set up your website in just minutes.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        The last our demo is plant decoration store which is an essential part of business planning. Attractive plant decoration shop theme is a real necessity if you want to assess possible risks and opportunities before running your business or for its further promotion.

                        Stunning Home Layouts


                        Coming with 7 home layouts, Amour meet enough for all kinds of style. However, we always choose elegant and beautiful style. Choose one layout to make your website the best.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Beautiful In Other Pages


                        Besides of the impressing home pages, Amour brings some other pages that will attract you at first look. Amour is a word that begin from French with meaning of love so our theme is filled with flower colors to deserve with its name, a beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme.

                        Blog page is one of the page that can make you surprise. In there, you can share your experience, newest trending of product on around the world or anything that you think can make your customer happy. So Amour bring to you a bright and gentle blog page.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        One other page is equally impressive, that is what you are looking – about page. With about page, many stories about you, about your histories, about your customers and your business development are transmitted all in this small corner.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Furthermore, with the help of a highly developed product display feature, for instance, your customers will be able to see the available quantities of a particular product, look at multiple images of products, and zoom in on them. Moreover, due to a smartly developed algorithm, your customers will be able to see related products, so it would be much easier to choose the one they need the most.

                        Basic features of WooCommerce


                        With a wishlist option, your clients can create lists of future purchases, as well as send a particular product to their friends. What’s more, your customers can also add reviews to any product they want, in such a way promoting some of your merchandise. Of course, I described only a single product display feature, while there are many more.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Master slide: To make your site more impressive, we give you this master tool in our theme to create a professional slide.

                        Visual Composer: This drag and drop page builder is so important for anyone who don’t know much about coding skill. Just drag and drop items, you can have a different great layout.

                        Mailchimp: With Mailchimp in our theme, you will have a great system to manage subscribe email. Mailchimp allows you to easily create newsletters of varying types and then provides simple options for sharing them on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, making it your own personal platform for publishing your newsletter.

                        Contact form 7: Contact form 7 allows you to create the different contact form in the different pages for many purposes easily and quickly.

                        Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress Theme

                        Getting a successful online store is one of the biggest things you can make for success of your enterprise. Don’t hesitate to try out Live Demo of our Amour – beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme and experience the difference they can make for you!

                        Only with $59 you can own a beautiful and elegant WooCommerce WordPress theme HERE.