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                        9 Sample Source Code for All Programmers

                        9 sample source code for all programmers

                        Most of programmers will feel that using the other’s code is easier and helpful. After a while, they will collect a mount of modules can be used immediately and for the next task.

                        Todays, internet is developing so fast, so there are many websites which programmers can contribute their modules for community totally free. With application developers, these open library is really a golden mine. There is always a website including code sample which is suitable with a specific language. So don’t worry if you are learning C, C++, C#…

                        These are some websites providing the best sample code for programmers.


                        9 sample source code for all programmers 01

               is an online resource website for all programmers and languages. This site includes information, tips, forum about C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic and so on. You can find out many value information in this website.

                        Besides, this site also provide articles, files and news for all languages above. It has a huge of information, so Programmersheaven is the biggest community site in this time. If you cannot find the sample code you need, just create a topic on forum, you will see the result promptly.


                        9 sample source code for all programmers 02

                        SourceForge is considering as an important open resource for online programmers. If you want to review sample code or learn how to use it, this is the perfect way to research.

                        From homepage, you just need to choose Find Software and then choose Development, from that, you can open a huge world  including so many open resources for projects.

                        Currently, there are more than 54000 lists of software development on this site. if you find an attractive program, you can join to build it with the others. These programming projects are always deployed by experts in this sector.

                        3. CodeGuru

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 03

                        CodeGuru is also the good site for programmers. This website is mainly about Visual C++/C++, .Net/C# and Visual Basic. Although there are not many different languages, content is extremely adequate compared to the other forums. CodeGuru will help you to practice and be an expert in some skills in work.

                        All articles in this site have illustrated for reader to understand easily.

                        4. The Code Project

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 04

                        CodeProject is a programming community. This website includes many free articles, and the editors are programmers (not copywriters). So almost content has written and explained clearly with sample code.

                        Experts said that CodeProject is a good community to connect programmers who have the same hobbies. Besides, you totally can write some articles for this site.

                        5.  DevX

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 05

                        DevX is truly a heaven for programmers. It is a huge information gate including many popular topics, such as: Java, C++, Visual Basic, mobile programming…

                        If you have a look at the left menu bar, you will see DevX umbrella portal, this is the sector of Visual Basic projects needed to do, you can use it to find a good project to do.

                        6. Planet Source Code

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 06

                        Planet-Source-Code is a hateful website, however, you have to like it. Its design is so bad with tiny listing and advertising everywhere. But when you know where to click, you will find the giant coding library. Look at on the right corner, you will see “To start, just choose” and then choose the language you want to learn. This page includes almost main language at this time. The next page will show you the sample code to choose suitable one.

                        Almost language here has search filter option, as you can see, each category has thousands lines of code uploaded on this site.

                        7. GNU and free software

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 07

                        If open source is your passion, you shouldn’t ignore Free Software Directory. This link will connect directly to homepage of GNU. This directory is just a interesting section among the forest of free software on this site, such as: audio, vide, database, email, games, graphics, internet apps…

                        8. Google Code

                        9 sample source code for all programmers 08

                        Google has join open source community with Google code. A website allows programmers to see the sample code for website like browser apps, website ads, and product APIs and even social networking apps.

                        Google uses the standard formats, clear and easy to watch. It’s not difficult to find the suitable open source to use.

                        9. DevArticles

                        DevArticles is one of website providing the best sample code. The list of current software is quite impressive: Flash, embedded tools and Linux. There are a lot of articles with fully specification.

                        So, you have all necessary sample code source. These open sources is so good for any programmers who want to study deeper about their programming language.

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