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                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016

                        Technology is changing so fast and many programming languages created, data is more and more complex and of course it lead to have to improve the solution and mobile technology. To enhance carrier, programmers must update the newest trends and find the solution everyday. These are 7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 programmers should know.

                        1. Big data and Cloud Computing

                        Todays, the world is booming with a large amount of data growing rapidly through the use of social media and data streams. So the new term is created: Big Data. Big Data is a collection of structured and unstructured data we can not store under the traditional method. Big Data is essential for businesses because information is a key factor when a company makes important decisions. Therefore, the companies need more people having the ability to collect and analyze complex data. Cloud computing has become popular with many companies investing in cloud technology and security.

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 01

                        According to Gartner the level of use of cloud computing is increasing and in 2016 this development will become a big hit in IT. In 2016 will be a year of shaping the cloud because nearly half of enterprises will deploy hybrid cloud before 2017. The development of cloud data means increased demand for skilled cloud labor or management architecture

                        2. Business Intelligence & Analytics

                        Businesses are still looking for new ways to analyse the huge of raw data to find and develop strategy business opportunities in the future.It can bring benefits competitive market for business and stability for companies in the future.

                        So people having experience in BI, SQL, SAS and Analytics will be sought when the company need to analyze the data.

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 02

                        3. Mobile Application Development

                        With the rapid development of smartphones and mobile applications in communication and work, mobile developers are being sought by many companies.

                        The programming language for mobile, such as C ++ and Java are still significant. However, Apple has launched a new programming language, Swift Apple, for Apple iOS and iOS watches which is one valuable skill to develop  new application .

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 03

                        Besides, a significant part is application development technology Hybrid. It is a combination of web and native technologies. According to a Gartner research, in 2016, 50% of phone applications can be Hybrid. This will create a new benchmark.

                        4. Digital Marketing & Social Media

                        The popularity of social networks Facebook, Twitter or blog has forced the company to use this tool to advertise. Therefore, the SEO and PPC skills is the keys to develop marketing in the business.

                        In addition, other online marketing channels (such as display marketing: graphic design and banner ads to place in various sites as well as in gaming applications on the phone. Another method is also quite important in marketing is email marketing. Enterprises not only requires creativity in creating the content, but also requires analytical skills to test and evaluate the results of email marketing campaigns.

                        5. Front End Development

                        Front end development skills are becoming a valuable asset with the improvements in HTML, CSS and Javascript. HTML5 is replacing Flash on popular websites like Youtube and Facebook. Another example is the  ascending  popularity of SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is gradually asserted superiority over any extended CSS language.

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 05

                        6. Cyber Security

                        Recently, the database is threaten because of security vulnerabilities. Therefore, businesses have put the protection of sensitive data on the top. So, companies are looking for a team of network security to help them protect their data, customers as well as the organization’s reputation. Enterprises require experts to make sure that their security systems are not broken.

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 06

                        According to a research of ISC 2 organization, currently United Kingdom is lack of security skilled people. So the average of salary for this job is about  £63,000/year. The result of demand exceeds supply.

                        7. Network and Infrastructure

                        The company still looking for effective methods to improve network infrastructure. The experts and network administrators can support and maintain storage and security systems in order to enhance the flexibility and overall operation. The types of skills being sought are a network administrator, analytical ability and critical thinking as well as experience in systems management, data warehouse managerment and Cisco CNNA.

                        7 Hottest Information Technology Skills in 2016 07

                        Mobile networks is also an important infrastructure needs in connection with its global network users. With the development and expansion of 4G technology and skills to maintain and provide a consistent quality of the mobile network connection is extremely necessary as there are more and more users use mobile.

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