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                        6 Secrets For Coders To Find A Good Job

                        The fact that all coders don’t need any help to get a job, while the others jobs have to fire staff in this economic downturn time. This demand is predicted that will raise 21% from 2008 to 2018.

                        However, programming jobs are not the same, and you always want to do the most interesting work with high income. So, you have to try harder and harder although there is a master degree in your hand.

                        To help you get a good job, these are the advices from people who recruit coders directly.

                        1. Don’t make your dossier be a mess

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 01

                        When a company need more staff, it means there will be many dossier sent to them. No one interview all of them. And no matter how great you are, they will not call you for an interview if your job application dossier is like a craft. Joel Spolsky – founder of Fog Creek Software company said that if he had 300 dossier, he didn’t want to interview all of them. And if your dossier is not impressed, it will be abandon and you are the loser.

                        According to Ilya Grigorik, a founder and CTO of PostRank company has released an article about dossiers. he said that the average mark may be the most effective prediction for a good interview. Meanwhile, Chris Martin – deputy head of the technical department of Pandora said that he focused on technical projects that the candidate used to work for.

                        Martin said that you shouldn’t make spelling mistakes in your dossier, there are so many tools to check it, and if you won’t do it, you are not smart enough to work at his company.

                        2. Be smart and complete all your works

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 02

                        If you are a candidate, how can you show that you are smart and have ability to complete all your works?

                        I think you cannot do anything to change the first side.

                        Spolsky said that he cannot suggest you use a really long sentence to be smarter. You are, or not, and don’t pretend.

                        In another word, If you are not smart very much, you can try to do another job. However, the most important thing is that you must prove that you have ability to complete any work you take with the good results.

                        You should explain your role in the projects you joined. Grigorik suggest that you can write a blog, send a link to your Stack Overflow account or anything related to your concern and your participation in community.

                        3. Check your “ego”

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 03

                        Martin said that he always look for smart people, however, they usually have a big egos. We can understand that if you are too arrogant, no matter how great you are, you will not be recruited

                        Therefore, you must prove that you are always willing to learn the new things. It is not the time to require your own office.

                        4. Learn “human” language

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 04

                        Every jobs need soft skills, so do programmers. So, you need more interaction among colleagues. You need to have effective communication with the other team members, marketers and managers.

                        For example: you can look at the chef master in a restaurant, he can control his communication skills more than his cooking skills. And it is the same with coders. If you cannot communicate, you will always be a vice-chef, it means you will chop onion all day.

                        Grigorik said that you can know much about one person when you work with them in a few hours. So, he invites some people for probation within 1 or 2 days to know how they work each other.

                        If you have some problems with this skill, you should participate in some conferences or read some books written about this field to improve yourself.

                        5. Prepare carefully before the interview

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 04

                        You should study about the behavioural techniques and prepare to answer them. However, the most important thing is how you prove your ability.

                        Each companies have the own  way to approach candidates.

                        Pandora requires their candidates spend 4 – 5 hours with 8 other people. Martin said that he would ask so many programming question, but he didn’t ask anyone to sit in front of a computer to code. Meanwhile, Spolsky always ask candidates to code in a interview.

                        Google and Microsoft usually ask the odd questions like: why manhole covers are round?

                        Spolsky said that when he asked these questions, he didn’t expect to get an answer. He wanted to have a conversation about that. The important thing is that you will not give up when you get a hard issue to solve. No matter the answer is because all manhole covers is like that or it’s easy to move.

                        6. Don’t cheat

                        6 secrets for coders to find a good job 06

                        After the questions of an interview of Fog Creek Software company were published on website, the company interviewed a candidate. He did prepare carefully all question before. He did really good at the first question. However, the second question is not in the list questions published, and he felt shame quickly when he realise that he cannot have any idea for this.

                        If you don’t know any knowledge, tell the employers that you don’t know, but you are always willing to learn to be a master. Most of employers don’t look for an expert in all fields. They just need a good coder having ability to learn the new language.