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                        5 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme

                        6 Wonderful Free Wordpress Video Theme

                        It’s quite hard to find a beautiful Free WordPress Video Theme. Because there are so many premium video theme out there with a lots of outstanding features. Therefore, we have collected these amazing free WordPress video themes to help you make the decision easier and quicker.

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                        Socially Awkward

                        6 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme 02

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                        Socially Awkward is bare bones. There’s not a lot to this theme, though it is a responsive CSS3 and HTML5 media design.

                        The single column layout puts the focus squarely on your content so your videos have nowhere to hide. There are options in the backend so you can use self-hosted media, including video, audio and images, or media from third-party social media sites like YouTube or Vimeo.


                        6 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme 03

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                        The greatest feature in this free theme is that you can create unlimited video categories, show popular videos and even rate videos and share them on social networks.

                        There’s an easy-to-sure control panel in the backend where you can make small customizations to this theme. It even supports localization, and the best part is that you can edit languages through the theme’s control panel without having to dig around in code.


                        6 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme 04

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                        Sundance is another minimalist theme. While this screen grab doesn’t look all that enticing, this theme is really what you make of it. You can easily change the background color, add a logo, fill the site with new content and the theme would look completely different.

                        This theme features a video carousel. To add videos to the carousel, just make them sticky. Sundance also support video post format, widgets, and custom menus, header and links for social media accounts.


                        6 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme 05

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                        Allmed is designed for video and audio blogers and offers a stripped down design. It features unlimited color schemes so you can make it your own.

                        Yes, when it comes to aesthetics it is dated, but it just goes to show how few free video themes are available for WordPress.


                        6 Wonderful Free WordPress Video Theme 06

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                        Webvideo publishes your videos really big so there’s no hiding from your content (in this case a cat wearing a shark costume while vacuuming…).

                        It’s simple but easily customizable. Webvideo comes with some very basic options for uploading a favicon, changing the background and adding a logo.


                        Responsive WordPress Video Theme Free and Premium 16

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