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                        20+ Best Awesome Video Movie Themes for WordPress 2017

                        movie wordpress theme

                        If you are looking for a suitable Movie WordPress themes for your upcoming project, have a look these 20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress. You will find the perfect one for your movie portal. 

                        Today making site from a Movie Themes for WordPress is so easy. You just need to choose one from a theme market or a team building WordPress Theme. However, with the see of theme and many good text for each theme, it’s so difficult for you to choose one, especially if you are not a coder or designer. So in this article we present you the best theme in this area. They are all so amazing by fitting with any devices mobile, laptop, tablet… Besides, after buying one of theme, you can get free support for at least 6 months. Cool, right? Have a look their features and see how can they do for your upcoming site.

                        Stunning Collection Movie Themes for WordPress 2017

                        Filmmaker WordPress Theme

                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 01

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                        Filmmaker is a Movie Themes for WordPress built specifically for film studio, TVC production company, movie production company, and cinematography center. Filmmaker is also suitable for individual video-related projects such as video blog and videographer website. With clean, elegant and modern design, this WordPress site will dazzle your audience, attract followers for your movie blog, engage them in your cinematic universe, or simply boost the marketing and branding of your upcoming movies.

                        Filmmaker has 4 home pages which is extremely fit for video blogger, movie production, filmmaker, animation studio… With this theme, you can show everything you want to promote your movie with director page, film gallery, video details page, unique discover page, video blog page…

                        And many more great features in this theme promise to make it more convenient for you to spread your new movies or blogs to the world.

                        Many film studios had believed and chosen Filmmaker to begin your site. This is also the best suitable for WordPress theme for production company as well as videographer WordPress theme or animation studio website template.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 06

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                        Vysual Theme is built for Movie and video site. Especially for any team/company… are going to run their film campaigns and movie marketing. (i.e. “Official Movie Site”). This theme utilizes built-in features of WordPress, making it really easy to use and setup. This can be ranked in top of filmmaker WordPress theme.

                        Vysual is quite simple but it has enough feature you need in a movie site. Have a look, we sure that you will satisfy with it.

                        Recording Studio

                        WordPress for Filmmakers

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                        Recording is a powerful and understanding, modern and stunning design, highly and easily customize, ready for all devices, simple to set up and responsive WordPress theme that was specially created for record labels, producers, studios, entertainment companies, manager and everyone who is fascinated with music industry as well. This theme come with 4 home page styles and a number of the other unique page such as: about, service, producer, artist, blog, release, publish, gallery, shop, etc.

                        Recording is suitable for movie producer, music producer and many other producer. It can transfer to film production website template or film studio WordPress theme as you want. I think many directors or producers maybe like this.



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                        Kourse is a responsive Movie Themes for WordPress landing page for movie website that can bring your movie to every people in this world. It is designed to increase your conversion rate and look professional behind the knowledge you’re about to share. And can be also great animation studio website templates if you want it be.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 09

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                        The site visitors will watch movies with great pleasure on a site with contemporary responsive design. Movie Themes for WordPress (filmmaker theme) will help you start or redesign the existing one to meet your requirements. Its textured black layout is softened with bright full width images in the slider, and white blocks pushing the content in the focus of attention look contrasting against it.

                        Movie Me

                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 10

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                        If you are intending to create a site for the presentation of films, projects, videos, movies, Movie Me theme is so suitable for your purposes. Don’t worry about how to build it. This is one of top WordPress theme filmmaker. Pictures and videos in the theme is quite easy to change. These sites are very popular because they have a very large conversion. All content is used to attract attention to details of the products.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 11

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                        Snaptube is amazing Movie Themes for WordPress and it takes advantage of our famous three step setup. Which means in just a few clicks – literally seconds – you can have a fully functioning site, loaded with all of our stunning demo content for you to tweak and adjust as you see fit. Snaptube is also stunning filmmaker theme WordPress that can be helpful for directors, actors, actresses, film studios, animation studios and more.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 12

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                        Seatera is a powerful, feature-rich seat reservation movie WordPress theme which is suitable for any type of cinema, movie promotion, theaters, blogs and movie communities. Seatera lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 13

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                        Viduze is a premium video WordPress theme designed for video related sites but it can also be used to create your own store or a social media site using BuddyPress. Theme have many powerful features including BuddyPress and WooCommerce integration.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 14

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                        VideoMag is a Powerful Responsive Video WordPress Themes designed for video magazine, video blog or video portal. VideoMag supports Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch and self-hosted videos. VideoMag will auto generate thumbnails for the video from pupular video site like Youtube, Vimeo etc and saves it to your server to speed up your page load speed..


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 15

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                        Have you ever wanted to collect and share your favorite videos online? Interested in uploading your own work to broadcast across the web? Videotube is a clean video WordPress theme for video hosting website!

                        Whether you’re embedding preexisting videos from giants like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu …(Supported Video Sites) which is supported oEmbed protocol or showcasing creations of your own, Videotube offers a clean and modern platform to do just that.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 16

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                        Moviescope is a WordPress theme for movie site. It’s totally responsive and attractive to everyone. This theme is also used for music, movie, TV, sport, game, tech, auto, fashion, photo, cookery etc.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 17

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                        Like its name, Social Play, you don’t have to upload video dircetly on your site. Just use url from the other video site such as Youtube, VimeoVimeo, DailyMotion… and paly it directly on your site. Besides, there is a smart system to manage these videos in your site


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 19

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                        Goodway is a modern entertainment WordPress theme for videographer. This theme is  perfect for film, tv, movies company and agency sites.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 20

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                        Videopress is a streaming WordPress theme for film, video, movie. With Videopress theme, you can upload videos easily and make it available on right your site. Just a few clicks, you will have a site next Youtube website, even better than that


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 21

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                        Nowadays, people don’t have to depends on TV to watch movie anymore. They almost available on the video site like youtube. Now, people can enjoy their favorite movie anywhere you want instead of finding a DVD store and buy one. If you want to expand the audience of these resources, our WordPress movie themes will turn out to be helpful. Creating an online cinema with its help, you’ll be able to convince people that it offers motion pictures of the top quality image and sound due to a wisely chosen color scheme.


                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 03

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                        Video News

                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 02

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                        20+ Video Movie Themes for WordPress 18

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