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                        Top 10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme

                        10 Wonderful Website Templates For Music World

                        You are lost in a maze of music themes, aren’t you? And you don’t know what suits you best? Let me list 10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme for you.

                        1. TheChord

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 01

                        With 4 demo styles (Light, Rock, Radio, Solo) Chord is suitable for any kind of music. No matter who you are (singes, music band, radio team/company), no matter what kind of music you play you can use Chord as your own beautiful site.

                        1. Hugo

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 02

                        Hugo is the surprisingly creative WordPress music theme. With clean and modern design style, you will never regret purchasing it for your own website about: artist company, singers, music bands, composer, bloggers, vloggers…

                        1. Vocal

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 03

                        If you are music event organizers, night clubs, music band, DJ… Vocal is great choice for you. With stylish and professional design, it will satisfy any customer come and get it.

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                        1. Colibri

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 03

                        Colibri has an amazing tool to convey information from Soundcloud, Twitter, BandsInTown and even Instagram to your website directly. So it is extremely suitable for people who do not have time to upload music in their official website.

                        1. Vice

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 04

                        This theme is built with 10 module types, endless color choice, and fully responsive. It has music player, podcast, events, gallery…Which will help you have a favorite music site.

                        1. Odio

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 05

                        Odio is a professional and easy-to-use One-Page / Multi-Page Styled Music WordPress theme. It is really good for music bands, DJ, festival, singers…, especially for Rock style. You can display music, video, images, tour dates, even sell merchandise in the website.

                        1. Spectra

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 06 

                        If you are DJ or night club, you should have this WordPress music theme immediately. This theme uses AJAX, so don’t worry, your songs will never stop playing unless you close the browse.


                        1. Decibel

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 07


                        With Videos, Album playlist, gallery… in the homepage, people will be overwhelmed by music atmosphere everywhere. You are a music lover, music band, singer, night club…? I think you shouldn’t forget this theme


                        1. Sura

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 08


                        You have a huge of songs want to sell. You are wondering where should you leave them? Let Sura help you, just upload your songs and wait for orders come to your email 😉


                        1. Beaton

                        10 Wonderful WordPress Music Theme 09

                        With Beaton, you can have an online radio along with music. Besides, you can display your upcoming event and sell their tickets on your own site. Let’s enjoy the eventful atmosphere here.

                        Now go preview all those beautiful WordPress Music Theme and choose one for yourself!

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