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                        10 Self Study Ways To Become A Great Programmer

                        10 self study ways to become a great programmer

                        You are looking for a way to step into coding land, hers are the ways which will help you to do that. Let’s see 10 self study ways to become a great programmer.

                        10. The reason why you want to learn code

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                        Your future depends too much on the reason why you want to learn code, and how much time you have to spend for this job. If you want to be professional, you should register a serious coding courses. Or if you want to build your own site or a game in your free time, find someone to guide you how to do that.

                        9. Choose the language you want to learn


                        Nothing is perfect, programming language neither. Incase you know a language, you can learn another so fast. So you need to take more time to decide which language you learn first. The first language also belong to your goal, for example: if you want to learn iOs, you should learn Swift. If you want to be an expert, you should start with C. This will be a lever for you to jump to higher level easier.

                        8. Smart beginning and be patient to the end

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                        You should start with the basic ones. You can see David Sinsky who self study within 8 weeks. He spent a day in weekend to read introduction about Python and another day about Django. He read all introductions, delete all example code and then study again from the basic ones.

                        So be patient and start with the fundamentals. And find the suitable way for you to get the best effective.

                        7. Try an application for kids

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                        Todays, there are so many programme teach children to code, they’re simple and practical. The others like Scratch is suitable for every one. No matter how old are you, you can start from the beginning basic steps

                        6. Join some free online courses

                        Some online website can help you to write your first software like Codecademy or Hour of Code participants. Some lessons from Khâncademy, Codecademy,,… and so on will teach you the basic elements of program (game or website or something else). Find the suitable courses, and study deeper after finishing these courses.

                        5. Register a programming course

                        These course is created to teach you everything you need within several months. It’s the same level with college. You can learn from the others’ experiences. This the best way to learn everything in this world.

                        4. Read books

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                        When you get an issue and don’t know how to solve it, books is the best way. You can find more than 500 free book on GutHub and many books on website for 24 languages

                        3. Play coding games

                        The most interesting way is to play game. You can learn code from simple level to more complex one through Code Combat or CodinGame

                        2. Find a teacher or an instructor

                        The coding community is so large. So it’s quite easy for you to find an instructor. You can find one in webste hack.pledge(), it will connect you with your instructor, or you can register to call someone help. Or share your experiences 😉

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                        1. Learn from the others’ code

                        Remember that learning from the other is the best way to improve your skill. And don’t forget to share with community in order that people can help you to enhance what you are doing