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                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I)

                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I)

                        How can you take your inspiration back after the hard working hours? It makes you feel exhausted, and headache. Let’s relax, and enjoy these 10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I). Your inspiration will be right back to you.


                        1. Make your money matter 

                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I) 01

                        With scroll/story telling feature, the website made an adorable story about process of money in a bank. Where money come after you deposit in a bank? To shareholders or community? How can they come to those people? How the benefits are created? Let’s visit this amazing website and experience yourself.

                        1. The interactive ear

                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I) 02

                        If you want to learn about our ear, visit this site. There are full information to show you with cool animations and cute images. This will help visitor feel comfortable and interested. People can avoid being normal boring and complex science informations.


                        1. Your brain map

                         10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I) 03


                        One more science website, but it’s not about your ears, it’s about the most complex, important part of ours, it’s brain. If you are considering how to study something related to our brain, visit this website, you will know the basic things about it without boring feeling.


                        1. Kocha 


                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I) 04

                        Kocha is a graphic designer. He made his own flat, clean website. This is responsive design, the hand will be change to an angle if you visit it on your mobile.


                        1. Kick my habits

                        10 Interesting Onepage Websites (Part I) 05

                        This site will talk to you the bad habits (drink, fast food, smoking, party…) you remain each day, how it effect to your budget, and how many people like you in this world with cute animation. Perhaps you can give them up after visit this website.